A Teenager’s View On Furret

By Matt

The first time I came across a Furret was when I was playing Pokemon Coliseum for the GameCube. It looked like some sort of raccoon when I spotted it, but I thought it looked pretty fly. Furret is classified as a Long Body Pokemon, and is a Normal-type. Since its name gave me a hint, I thought it would be a Ferret Pokemon. I traded this to my Leaf Green Version and was able to breed it with a Ditto. I also added it to my team in Soul Silver, and was able to beat the Elite Four using some of its moves. Furret is just one of those Pokemon you can’t dislike.

Starting with the basics, its ability is Run Away, which lets you run away from any wild Pokemon. This is very useful if you want to avoid them, or are too cheap to buy any Repels.

The other is Keen Eyes, which prevent loss of accuracy. In my opinion, it has a cool cry sound, and its base stats aren’t that bad. Its strongest points are in Attack and Speed, which is good news to those who are comfortable with using physical attacks. The stat that you need to be watching out for is Special Defense, with a base stat of 55, according to Serebii. Although its Special Attack is lower, it uses a lot of physical moves in the wild, such as Fury Swipes or Quick Attack. Its average Special Defense makes it an easy target for Psychic- and Ghost- types, which rely heavily on using special attacks.

Using Furret in a battle with these kinds of Pokemon may be risky, but since Furret has a strong attack, you may have a chance of taking them out if you feel that luck is on your side, or if they have a very weak physical defense (which proves true for many Psychic- types). One move in particular that I love using is Me First. If Furret is faster than the other Pokemon and uses this move, it can use the move the target is going to use.

In double battles, you don’t know which target you will hit, so it can prove very effective. Dragon-types and Ghost-types are prime targets for Me First, because these are they only types effective against each other. The move is described as “to attack with greater power”, but remember that Furret does not gain a 1.5x bonus, unless it is a Normal-type move, of course. Special Attacks won’t fare well, as Furret has an even worse stat in this area (45). As a Normal-type, Furret can learn many different and unprecedented moves, like Thunder or Blizzard. It can learn moves of just about any type.

What surprised me the most is that it could learn Shadow Ball, a move type that it can’t even hit. Overall, Furret’s versatility makes it very useful in just about any situation. It’s popular among many, and its looks are just as good as its battling style.

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