All About Chikorita

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Are you a fan of Chikorita? Chikorita is a pretty cute little Pokemon. You can get a Chikorita in the Johto region. Most commonly if you get it as your starter Pokemon. You can get your starter in the Johto region from Professor Elm, who studies Pokemon breeding patterns I believe. His lab where you choose your starter is in New Bark Town. Chikorita is a nice grass type Pokemon. A Chikorita can learn a lot of grass type attacks also, so there will be extra power for you there! However choosing Chikorita can put you at the down side of the first gym battle, the first two actually. The first gym battle is against Falkner. Falkner is a flying type trainer, well gym leader. You can get a Zephyr Badge from him if you succeed.

The flying type attacks are very powerful against Chikorita. Chikorita is a grass type and therefore weak against flying type attacks. Totodile is the easiest start if you want to breeze through the first gym. This is because Cyndaquil, the fire type starter Pokemon you can get from Professor Elm, is weak against ground type attacks. Why a flying type gym effect the weakness Cyndaquil has to ground type attacks? Falkner is a smart trainer for all starters except for Totodile. His Pokemon know an attack that is fairly weak but it is powerful against Pokemon with low levels. Anyway, the attack is Mud-Slap, it is a ground type attack that can be powerful against Cyndaquil.

Now to get back on topic, Chikorita will eventually evolve, it will get powerful and can attack a lot more. Chikorita will evolve into a Bayleef, Bayleef will help a lot for you. Eventually a Bayleef will evolve. It will evolve into a Meganium. Meganium is a very powerful grass type Pokemon. It is also the final evolution for Chikorita. Meganium can eventually learn a very powerful attack known as Frenzy Plant. This move can only be learned through a tutor you may or may not meet. It just depends if you know the location or not. Will you choose a Chikorita as your starter Pokemon in the Johto region?

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