Are Pokemon Games To End Soon?


I have been thinking this over for quite some while now and been thinking to myself are the Pokemon RPG games soon to end due to more generations coming out?. I got myself thinking this because if you have ever played the Pokemon games you know that the goal of the game is to collect every Pokemon and doing so is by transferring the uncatchable Pokemon from one game to another. Once capturing every Pokemon and transferring onto one game you must go to the game director (in game character) and receive a special certificate. But what will happen when so many generations come out and more game memory go into making more PC boxes and Pokedex information to store all those Pokemon and less game time?. It will be a shame if Nintendo decides to cut the game short in order to make more PC boxes and Pokedex information for the new Pokemon to collect.

I believe that they will come up with a solution for this perhaps making a taller (height not width) DS game card and adding more memory to the card or maybe something else. As for the “Gotta Catch Them All” motto I think that will soon to fade in players because while more generations of Pokemon and Pokemon games to come. My belief is that some if not most players will see it boring to buy all the pervious games just to collect them and even more boring because every Pokemon game is the same, going gym to gym training Pokemon after Pokemon, the only difference is the different characters in the games. I think that most will turn to the game shark program and just collect them all by hacking the game which can take the fun out of the game because it will take only about a few minutes to get them all. As for their other games such as Pokemon Dungeon, Rumble, Stadium, and other Pokemon related games I believe we can expect for more of these games to become hits in the near future.

As for Pokemon characters I think its pretty much down hill from here the names are pretty much the real life animals name with a different ending or beginning (example Tepig, Pignite, Emboar). When did Pokemon hit its peak when it came to creativity? Your guess is as good as mine but as for me personally I think the base series Pokemon were they best are most creative set of Pokemon so far. I do admit that some of the newer characters have pretty good creative names and great creativity when it come to body forms such as Reshiram, Zekrom, Pokemon Legendary Dogs, and quite of few of others. I do certainly hope to see what Nintendo and its creator have up there sleeves for the next generation of Pokemon characters, games, and trading cards to come out to continue the fun of playing Pokemon.

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