Pokemon : The 1st Movie, Mewtwo, Deoxys And MOTHER Similarities

By TokoyamiTheDark

It had come in my mind about a question among EarthBound fans are asking themselves. They think Mewtwo and Deoxys are too much like Giegue (Mewtwo) and E.V.E(Deoxys) in the Japan-only MOTHER game, whose sequel was released in the US with the name of “EarthBound” on the SNES. But what are exactly these hommages fans are taling about. First off, the Japanese movie’s name and the Japanese name of EarthBound : “Myuutsu no Gyaakushuu” and “Gigu no Gyaakushu”. The names are very similar, as both characters are counterattacking someone or something from their past. But now, let’s see the similarities of each character as well as the desing of the two MOTHER characters spoken about.

Giegue is a light blue alien with a vague ressemblance to Mewtwo, exept its ears are a lot bigger and has claws rather than ’round thumbs’ that Mewtwo has. Both have 3 fingers on their hands and 2 toes. He is the last boss of MOTHER and has a touching tale of birth.

“In 19xx, a princess named Maria and her husband Georges were abducted by aliens known as the Starmen. One Starman went berserk and raped Maria while Georges was studying the PSI powers those aliens had in order to give those magical powers to humans. Maria gave birth to the blue cat-like alien Giegue, much to the dismay of Georges, who was rather disgusted. He successfully fled back to Earth, but Princess Maria wasn’t so lucky ; she was killed by the Starmen, and Giegue started to have deep feelings for her. He started crying, wondered what was coming out from its eyes (tears) and fell in depression after the loss of its mother. Giegue didn’t knew who to join ; the kind humans who raised him, or the heartless Starmen? 100 years later, Maria’s descendant, Ninten, along with Lloyd and Ana, went on to see Giegue, who completely changed his mind about humans. The goal to beat him was to sing the Eight Melodies, the lullaby Maria used to sing at Giegue when he was a baby. Giegue could petrify any of the characters to stop them from singing, which was shown in a cliche in the 1st Movie when Mewtwo and Mew blasts, but hit ash instead of each other, turning im into stone. Giegue eventually became too powerful so his body and mind were destroyed and he became Giygas the Dark Matter. This is where the ressemblance to Mewtwo ends, but Giygas often mourns short sentences like “Who am I?” or “It hurts…” or “Where am I?” which are also in the 1st Movie when Mewtwo uses telepathy.

E.V.E is a droid created by Georges when he returned to Earth by fusing the PSI powers he stole from the aliens in order to help his descendants. Basically, the sprite of E.V.E is extremely similar to Deoxys’ Normal Form, with the head shape, legs, crystallized organ and arms. It also taught Ninten one of the Eight Melodies before sacrifising itself to protect the team from a giant pig-like robot that could not be defeated by the team alone. Later, staff members of CREATURES.inc, who worked on the Mother/EarthBound series went and joined Game freak, which might explain Mewtwo and Giegue’s ressemblance. However, Deoxys didn’t came out until Summer 2004 so 15 years separates Deoxys from E.V.E and only 6 years separate Mewtwo and Giegue.

Last, in my opinion, it almost seems these Pokemon are like an Easter Egg left by the creators of EarthBound. MOTHER was released in 1989 (Japan Only) while Earthbound was released in 1995 (1994 in Japan, no European release) so this theory might explain the mystery between both series, though EarthBound is long discontinued.

Text @2011  by TokoyamiTheDark

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