Articuno, Zapdos, And Moltres

By Anonymous

I’m sure all of you have heard of legendary Pokemon. Legendary Pokemon are told in ancient legends, they tend to be very powerful and hard to catch. In the Kanto region, you encounter a few legendaries. The legendary Mew is said to have similar DNA to all Pokemon, Mew can learn all TMs. There is also Mew’s clone, he goes by the name on Mewtwo, he is a clone created in a lab to be a super powerful Pokemon. Mewtwo lives in Cerulean Cave right now I believe. there is also a legendary trio. This legendary trio goes by the birds, the three birds, the bird trio, the legendary birds, whatever you want to call them.

The first is Articuno, Articuno is and ice and flying type Pokemon. He can get moves like avalanche and ice beam. He can freze your opponents well, now can’t he? He is very powerful and hard to catch. He lives in an icey cave around Cinnabar Island. In Pokemon 2000 The power of One, he lives on ice Island and has  a blue orb, and ice blue orb that must be retrieved and brought to the pedestal.

The second is this trio is the legendary Zapdos. Zapdos is an electric and flying type Pokemon. He will shock your opponents down with his Thunder, or show them who’s boss with Drill Peck attack. Zapdos is probably the most famous in the trio, but that’s just an opinion. Zapdos currently lives in the old Power Plant by Cerulean City. In Pokemon 2000 The Power of One, Zapdos lives on Thunder Island. He has a yellow orb with a static effect inside of it. Pikachu tries to communicate with Zapdos. And Ash has to get the orb of thunder to the pedestal, along with the orb of ice.

The final member of the bird trio is Moltres. Moltres is a fire and flying type Pokemon. He will burn the opponent, or take them down with Sky Attack. Moltres lives in a volcano area in the Sevii Islands. In Pokemon 2000 The Power of One, Moltres lives on Fire Island, and is the first to be captured by a Pokemon Collector, not nicely either, I should you remind you of that. Also in the movie, the three birds seem to dislike each other until at peace. They fight continuously and steal each others islands when the other leaves their island. Lugia, a legendary of the Johto region, is also known as the beast of the sea and must calm them with the Guardian’s Song and all the orbs being delivered to the pedestal by the chosen one. The bird trio is pretty powerful and hard to catch, but you’ll want to have them with you if you want to become a Pokemon Master!

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