Call Of Legends TCG Set: For The Player And Collector

By The Pidgeot

So I just opened my Call of Legends booster box, and I must say that I had some pretty good pulls. Some say that this set is bad because it is full of useless reprint cards from the sets Heart Gold Triumphant, HS Unleashed, HS Undaunted, and HS Triumphant. Others may think that this set is good because of the amazing artwork of the cards in this set, such as the shiny cards. I will be telling all of my readers about the good side and bad side of getting a Call of Legends booster box.

On a pokemon TCG player’s point of view, this set of 95 extra cards is pretty much useless. Some of the useless reprinted cards are the reprinted starter pokemon from the Johto Region; Meganium, Feraligatr, and Typhlosion. These three pokemon are a great example of useless because of their attacks, you need to pay so many energy cards just to use an attack that does barely any damage that what it could be. Feraligatr needs four energy cards to do an attack that does only 80 damage with no extra effect.

Another example that disappoints many of the pokemon players are the shiny ultra rare pokemon in the set. These ultra rares to the pokemon players of the TCG world are probably the most useless cards that could be added to the game. I say this also because of their high costing and low damage attacks. The Shiny Dialga card for example needs four metal energy cards to do an attack that does only 70 damage with an added effect of having to shuffle your whole hand into the deck, and you do not even get to draw any cards back. How lame is that? But when the new Black and White rules and formation comes into play, who knows someone might be able to make a decent deck with them.

There are some cards that a TCG player might find useful to their deck. One very hyped, maybe over-hyped card, is lost world. You players might find this interesting because it lets you declare yourself the winner if your opponent has six pokemon in their lost zone. Also they reprinted Professor Oaks New Theory, Professor Elm’s Training Method, and Copycat which will all be seen in a lot decks now with the new set rotation coming in.

Now moving on to a collector’s point of view. This set may be like card heaven for them. Okay I might be exaggerating a bit, but to be honest about this set the reprints do have better artwork that their older card brethren from their past sets. Take for example Granbull from this set compared to the one in Heart Gold Soul Silver Base set looks more, lively and detailed. All of the reprints in this set seems to be more detailed and better drawn that the others. Also the new cards like Snorlax has very good artwork because it shows that there is some type of action happening in the card. The shiny cards, although useless in a deck, looks awesome in your collection binder. The artworks of these shiny cards are just amazing and very well drawn, and add a little shine to your collection.

Now you know a little more about the Call of Legends set, it is all up to you whether you want to buy some cards from here or probably just trade for certain cards you want. Buying a booster box from this set may be good or bad depending on your tastes of pokemon cards.

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