Call Of Legends TCG Set: For The Player And Collector

By The Pidgeot

So I just opened my Call of Legends booster box, and I must say that I had some pretty good pulls. Some say that this set is bad because it is full of useless reprint cards from the sets Heart Gold Triumphant, HS Unleashed, HS Undaunted, and HS Triumphant. Others may think that this set is good because of the amazing artwork of the cards in this set, such as the shiny cards. I will be telling all of my readers about the good side and bad side of getting a Call of Legends booster box.

On a pokemon TCG player’s point of view, this set of 95 extra cards is pretty much useless. Some of the useless reprinted cards are the reprinted starter pokemon from the Johto Region; Meganium, Feraligatr, and Typhlosion. These three pokemon are a great example of useless because of their attacks, you need to pay so many energy cards just to use an attack that does barely any damage that what it could be. Feraligatr needs four energy cards to do an attack that does only 80 damage with no extra effect.
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Pokemon Collectors, Players, and in Between

By: Brian Hsieh

Pokemon cards can have meanings, depending on the person. If one collects cards as a hobby, pulling holographic cards or any card that completes their set is something to look forward to. To an avid gamer, pulling the best possible card to enhance their decks is vital.

Older sets are coveted among collectors. Not only does opening a booster pack from an older set bring back memories (for those who did collect at that time), it also brings rare, out of print cards that might suit a collector’s needs. Old sets mean nothing to a competitive player. Collectors are also more likely to purchase a booster box over single booster packs, as some wish to complete the actual set that the booster box is in.
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Pokemon Call of Legends Pre-release

By: Brian Hsieh

Prereleases are a fun way to get booster packs and utilize the cards right away via a tournament. Standard stores that hold prereleases allow a person to open six booster packs to create a forty card deck. Players also receive a free gift for entering the prerelease. For the Call of Legends Prerelease, a Snorlax holo was given out along with a deck box. I went to a prerelease in Brooklyn, NY with my friend. I went 3-2 while he went 2-3.

When we arrived, we were given POP IDs during registration. Afterwards, we went upstairs to sit and wait for our booster packs. We were given six Call of Legends booster packs to open. The ratio for this set isn’t as great as previous sets, as my friend and I failed to pull a shiny card, which are the ultra-rares for this set. The main cards I pulled were Feraligatr, Skarmory, and Tyrogue rares. My friend pulled a Gyarados holo and Ampharos rare that he used in his deck. Although these cards aren’t top tier deck cards, they had to suffice when there aren’t that many top tier cards within the set.
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