Pokemon Collectors, Players, and in Between

By: Brian Hsieh

Pokemon cards can have meanings, depending on the person. If one collects cards as a hobby, pulling holographic cards or any card that completes their set is something to look forward to. To an avid gamer, pulling the best possible card to enhance their decks is vital.

Older sets are coveted among collectors. Not only does opening a booster pack from an older set bring back memories (for those who did collect at that time), it also brings rare, out of print cards that might suit a collector’s needs. Old sets mean nothing to a competitive player. Collectors are also more likely to purchase a booster box over single booster packs, as some wish to complete the actual set that the booster box is in.

Card that are rotated out of professional play automatically become trade bait for cards that are still within the rotation. This ties the collector with the player. Pokemon Collector and Pokemon Rare candy, although uncommon and not rare or ultra rare, can be swapped from a collector’s collection for ultra rare cards that a player does not need anymore. Having this balance fills the needs of both parties, although their mindset is completely different.

For every two types of people, there is that one type that falls in between. The collector and competitive player hybrid enjoys both the deck battling aspect of collecting cards as well as the rarity and beauty of older sets and even newer sets. Take the Call of Legends set for example. A collector would get the booster box or booster packs for the shiny ultra rare pokemon in the set while a player would buy the booster packs to try and obtain Lost World, Mime Jr., or Smeargle. The hybrid falls into both.

I am one who collects and battles and enjoy the aspect of completing the shiny set while pulling cards I need for my deck, so I purchased a Call of Legends booster box. Falling into both categories can be quite pricey, as the idea of trading away deck cards for more rare cards is thrown out the window at times. Whether you are looking for some very rare cards, just want to build a nice deck, or both, Pokemon cards definitely have the answer to fit your hobby.

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