Deck Review: Charizard (Platinum: Arceus Set)

By The Pidgeot

Hello there again, I am back with another pokemon TCG deck review. This time it is all about Charizard and its poke-body fire formation from the Platinum: Arceus set. Charizard is a card that has never been heard of in any major tournaments, but I think it is worthy of some praise. This card is a great card to build a deck around. If you love fire pokemon this is the deck for you, because the only pokemon you are going to want to put in this deck are fire pokemon. There are just a few supporting pokemon that I can talk about to help out this deck. The reason is because you ONLY want fire pokemon in this deck. On the trainer and supporter card side there are quite a few to help you out.

First of you guys need to know about Charizard and its poke-body “Fire Formation” What Charizard’s “Fire Formation” does is add 10 damage to each of Charizard’s attacks for each fire pokemon on the bench. The Charizard’s poke-body is the reason you only want fire pokemon in this deck. The strategy of this deck is to get as many fire pokemon out on the bench as you can to power up Charizard’s attacks. A full bench of fire pokemon can make Charizard’s first attack “Fire Wing” that only costs one energy to do 30 damage to a whopping 80 damage with a full bench of fire pokemon. Its second attack “Burning Tail” does 80 normally and with a full bench of fire can do 130 damage for two fire energy and a third random energy card; this attack can one just about every pokemon when equipped with an expert belt. To make this deck a lot easier to use, there are only a few pokemon to use and more trainers and supporters to use.
Moving on to the supporting fire pokemon to use in this deck. There are two pokemon to use in this Charizard deck. The two pokemon are Typhlosion Prime from Heart Gold Soul Silver and Ninetails from Call of Legends or Heart Gold Soul Silver. First I will talk about Ninetails. Ninetails is an important card for this deck because it is your main source of draw power. It’s poke-body “Roast Reveal” lets you discard a fire energy card in order to draw three more cards from your deck. This is where Typhlosion Prime comes in. Typhlosion’s poke-power “Afterburner” comes into play. “Afterburner” lets you attach a fire energy from the discard pile to one of your pokemon with the cost of putting one damage counter on the pokemon you attached the energy to. So every turn you can be attaching two energies and drawing all the cards you need to set up as quick as you can.

Next the supporters and trainers that are very helpful to this deck. First I want to tell you all about expert belt. This is very helpful because it gives the pokemon the card is attached to 20 more HP and the pokemon’s attacks also do 20 more damage to the opposing pokemon, There is one downside though, if the pokemon is knocked out then your opponent draws two prize cards instead of one. Another card is Pokemon Communication which lets you look for pokemon that you need to take out, but you need to have another pokemon in your hand to use this card. One very important supporter card that is a must to use in this deck is Pokemon Collector. This card lets you take out three basic pokemon to put into your hand which can help you power up Charizard’s “Fire Formation” These cards can help you successfully beat any other deck out there if used correctly.

If you are looking for a fun rouge deck to use, you might want to consider this powerful deck Charizard is a powerful card that that needs some attention and we can give it the attention Charizard needs.

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