Dragon type Pokemon

By Leonie Herson

Throughout the Pokemon generations, the variety of dragon and dual-type dragon Pokemon has increased. Starting with the Dratini line, which was pure dragon type; this has expanded to new electric-dragon and fire-dragon types of the fifth generation’s Zekrom and Reshiram.

In addition, the number of dragon type Pokemon found within each generation of games has rapidly increased. In generation one there was only Dratini, with its evolutions Dragonair and Dragonite. Gold, Silver and Crystal had Kingdra: the final evolution of the Horsea line, whereas Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald boasted six new dragon types (not including evolutions). This expanded to a further four new dragons in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum with finally six more in the latest generation of Pokemon Black and White.

Out of the seventeen elements, the dragon type seems to be a popular choice amongst trainers. This is understandable, as they generally have higher stats and brutal attack moves. However basic dragon Pokemon (Eg. Bagon, Deino etc.) take a longer time to evolve as the expected level needed is higher. Some Dragon type can be deceiving due to their physical appearance, such as Altaria, a Dragon-flying type. Altaria also evolves from Swablu, a normal-flying type, which can be confusing. The same can be said for the pre-evolution of Flygon: Trapinch, a ground type.

Some Pokemon which appear to be a Dragon type may actually be not, such as Charizard (fire-flying). From the third generation (Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald), Dragon legendaries have become a common sight. So far all mascot Pokemon from Emerald onwards have been dual Dragon types. The dual-type dragon combination possibilities are endless, with ten types already used so far (water, flying, ground, psychic, steel, ghost, dark, fire, electric and ice). Whether any new combo’s will be introduced may depend on either the next generation or any new forms for the legendary dragon Pokemon of the fifth generation. These are visually impressive and give off a powerful demeanour. Despite the increase in numbers they are still rare to find, another reason to show them off in your collection.

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