Elite Four Caitlin (Pokemon Black And White Postgame)

By Matt

The third member of the Pokemon Elite Four is Caitlin. She is located in the northeast room in the Pokemon League. When you reach her, you will find that she has woken up from her sleep. That does not mean she’ll be easy to beat; you will have to bring loads of Pokemon that match up well against the Psychic-type. Caitlin’s first Pokemon is Musharna, a pure Psychic-type. It has great Defense, but there is a free turn (possibly two) in which you can get a hit in. The reason for this is because Musharna’s opening move is Hypnosis, which is 60% accurate. If it misses, you can get a free hit (or status move) in. Of course, if it hits your Pokemon, use a Full Heal. For the stingy, you’ll save money, since the next move Musharna will use is always Dream Eater.

Next is Reuniclus. It’s not too fast, but it has devastatingly powerful moves that can take out your Pokemon if you’re not careful. Besides Psychic, it has Energy Ball, Thunder, and Focus Blast. However, the latter three do not gain Same Type Attack Bonus, and doesn’t have the potential to land a one-hit KO. Caitlin’s third Pokemon is Metagross, a Steel and Psychic-type from Hoenn. It has only Fire-type and Ground-types as its weakness. Plus, it has powerful moves, like Earthquake, so try to use good physical defenders. If you have a Rocky Helmet, it’ll damage 1/8th of its max HP each hit. It relies on Giga Impact, which will leave itself open on the next turn, regardless of if your Pokemon faints.

The fourth Pokemon is Sigilyph, a Flying- and Psychic-type. Most of the time, it uses Psychic, the standard. If you have a Dark-type, it will use something like Air Slash. This means that going with a Dark-type (or a Dark-type move) is your safest bet. It’s also relatively quick, so prepare to be hit first.

The fifth Pokemon to be sent out is Bronzong, a Steel/Psychic-type from Sinnoh, which is also what Elite Four Lucian uses. Its weaknesses, like Metagross, are Fire and Ground, but it has Levitate, making it weak to only Fire-type moves. It is a good wall of physical defense, so try using special moves. It’s also very slow moving, so even slow Pokemon might be able to bypass it. Usually, it utilizes Psychic, but occasionally, it uses Payback, even on types Psychic affect.

Finally, Gothitelle is Caitlin’s last Pokemon, but is one of the trickiest ones to get through. It uses Flatter, which is like Swagger, but for Special Attack. Try to switch out to a Ground-type, since it has Thunderbolt. Its attacks are all special, but it moves slowly. I would suggest using a Bug-type, since it won’t be hit by any moves that are supereffective. Once you win, Caitlin will say that she has been a good Pokemon Trainer by genes, and she is part of the Elite Four because she wants to battle challenging Trainers. You can take the portal to leave, and fight the next member of the Elite Four.


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