Elite Four Shauntal (Pokemon Black and White Postgame)

By Matt

Shauntal of the Elite Four is located in the left-most building in the Pokemon League. She is a writer who utilizes Ghost-types in battle. Whenever you talk to her after beating the game, she will read you a line from one of her written novels and then proceed to battle you. The first Pokemon sent out is Cofagrigus. Her strategy is to burn your Pokemon through Will-o-wisp, and then launch some other attacks like Energy Ball or Shadow Ball. Use Pokemon which are high in Special Defense, and don’t be afraid to use Full Heals for physical attackers.

Next is Golurk, the Ground/Ghost-type. Since it has a high Defense, use supereffective Special moves like Surf or Giga Drain. It has Earthquake, Shadow Punch, and Hammer Arm, the latter two of which are boosted by its Ability, Iron Fist. Strong defense is the key to defeating this Pokemon.

Jellicent is the third possible Pokemon to fight. This one doesn’t have Water Absorb, but it has Cursed Body as an Ability, which could possibly disable any attacking move you use for several turns. For Same Type Attack Bonus, it uses Hydro Pump and Shadow Ball. It has high Special Defense, so use a physical sweeper to do the job.

Fourth is Froslass, an Ice/Ghost type from the Sinnoh region. It’s common sense to avoid using Pokemon weak to Ice, but remember that it’s still a Ghost-type which is unaffected by Fighting-type moves. All of its moves are offensive, and Steel-types resist two of its moves; try to use one if you can. It also has a habit of using Blizzard, but it’s kind of inaccurate. Stay on guard for that move.

Fifth is Drifblim, a Flying/Ghost dual type from Sinnoh. Be careful, since it is hard to outrun in terms of Speed. First of all, its Ability is Aftermath, which damages physical attackers when it faints. It primarily uses Shadow Ball to gain the Same Type Attack Bonus, but also is a surprise attacker with Thunder. It has a lot of HP, so taking it down will require skill and patience. Shauntal’s last and most powerful Pokemon is Chandelure, the Ghost/Fire-type Pokemon. When fighting it, she will say that she is starting to write the epilogue, which is a metaphor for the end of this battle. It is slow, but not slow enough to use your lumbering Pokemon. Because of its powerful moves, Shadow Ball and Fire Blast, try to sweep it if you’ve beaten the Elite Four several times with a Water-type. Contrary to its appearance, it does not have Levitate as an Ability, but Flame Body, which may burn physical attackers.

Once you’ve beaten her, she will first apologize to her Pokemon, but still state explicitly that she is a member of the Elite Four. You can take the green portal to the right and warp out to home base again, where her side will be lit up.


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