Even Team Rocket Has Fans!

By Pheonixxfoxx

Prepare for trouble and make it double…These words have been uttered time and time again by my favorite human characters of the Pokemon anime series. We mustn’t forget Meowth, Team Rocket just would not be the same without   the wisecracking feline.

That’s right!! I have collected memorabilia of Jessie, James, and Meowth since 1998 I believe?! Though, human characters are not merchandised the way the actual Pokemon are, the trio has gotten a decent amount of merchandise and I have the collection to prove it!

My collection of Team Rocket really began when I got my hands on a set of Jessie and James figures at a local mall; little did I know that they were actually bootlegs. Since then, I have gotten the beautiful TOMY figures the bootlegs were based on. Despite the age of the figures, they are even mint in package, and I decided to leave them that way for the time being.

When I learned of the Team Rocket TCG, back in 1999-2000 due to be released here in the US, I knew I had to have the complete set. I did accomplish my TCG task; in fact my English set is 100% 1st edition. I am still working on completing my Japanese set, not many cards are needed now. My Team Rocket set is even housed in an official TCG Team Rocket binder and I even have a matching deck box.

I must admit that Jessie, James, and Meowth are not the only Team Rocket related things I collect. Giovanni, their boss and Persian also occupy my collection. I know I mentioned my Persian prototype plush in a past article. It is a shame it was never put into circulation, for I know I would have ended up with an army of classy cat plush. I hate to say it, but in a way Meowth did get his wish, for he is the top cat as far as merchandise goes! At one point, my Team Rocket collection was becoming a Meowth collection.

One very interesting part of my collection is my set of Giovanni settei. For those that do not know, settei is used by the shows animators as a reference. Then there is my animation cel of Jessie, James, and Meowth getting ready to blast off, yet again. This same cel also includes Arbok and Victreebel. Getting ones hands on any production art from the Pokemon anime can be a difficult task, I consider myself to be one very lucky collector to own the few pieces that I do!

As time goes on I will continue to be one of Team Rockets biggest fans, no matter how much they and their motto changes, as the anime continues. Jessie, James, and Meowth were the main thing that drew me into Pokemon, for that I owe them thanks.

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