The Vanillite Line

By Jo

The Pokemon Black and White games have given fans some pretty interesting new Pokemon to become accustom to. One of the most unique, though, (at least in my opinion) has been the Vanillite evolutionary line.

Vanillite, like Glaceon, is known as the Fresh Snow Pokemon. It seems to be based off from an ice cream cone, probably a ‘kiddy-cone’, and possibly a snowball. The top of its head is swirled like most ice cream cones, and its body is made up of a small blue cone. The sides of the cone appear to have arms coming off from it. Unlike most Pokemon, Vanillite and its evolutions were three of the six Pokemon in this generation to be created by James Turner – the first western person to ever design Pokemon for Game Freak. According to its pokedex entries, the temperature of Vanillite’s breath is -58 degrees F. Because of this, they can create snow crystals and make snow fall in the area surrounding them. The pokedex also states that Vanillite was created from icicles bathed in energy from the morning sun and that it sleeps buried in snow. Its English name seems to come from the words ‘vanilla’ (most-likely referring to the ice cream flavor) and ‘lite’, as in low-fat.

Once it reaches level 35, Vanillite evolves into Vanillish. Vanillish appears to be a much larger ice cream cone, probably based off of a large portion of ice cream in a waffle cone. Its cone and arms seem to be made out of ice crystals and the very top of its head is swirled like Vanillite’s. Its pokedex entries state that Vanillish usually inhabit snowy mountains. Apparently, during an ancient ice age they ended up moving to the more southern areas in Unova. The pokédex also states that Vanillish hide themselves from enemy eyes by creating many small ice particles and then hiding among them. Vanillish’s name is most-likely a combination of the words ‘vanilla’ and ‘delish’, a shortened version of the word “delicious”.

Vanillish will then evolve again into its final form, Vanilluxe, once it reaches level 47. Vanilluxe seems to be based off from an ice cream sundae. Vanilluxe has two heads, like two large scoops of ice cream and three cones. The cone in the center is the largest, being about the same size as Vanillish’s, and then the two on either side are about half the size of the larger one. Like its pre-evolutions, Vanilluxe’s head is swirled like any other ice cream and either head has its own ice crystal hand. The ice crystals on the back of its body and head are placed in a pattern that resembles the face of a snowman. According to its pokedex entries, Vanilluxe will swallow large amounts of water so that they can make snow clouds inside their bodies and attack with violent blizzard attacks. The pokédex also states that if both heads are angered at nearly the same time, Vanilluxe will create a blizzard, burying everything with snow. Vanilluxe’s name seems to come from the words ‘vanilla’ and ‘deluxe’.

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