Guide To Shiny Pokemon Hunting: Random Encounter

By Jo

Another post on shiny hunting – since there are so many different methods you could use in your quest to get your hands on a shiny Pokemon. This time we’ll be covering the not-so clean cut method of Random Encountering Pokemon in hopes of eventually finding a shiny. However, I’ve been told that this method isn’t nearly as reliable as the Masuda Method or the Poke Radar – you’ll understand why a bit later. Let’s just get started!

First of all, like any other shiny hunting method, this requires a great deal of patience. You’ll be spending hours in your search for a shiny, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t find one right away. Next, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got quite a bit of time to spend hunting without being interrupted, as well as making sure your bag is stacked up on all the necessary Pokeballs (and keep a few potions handy if you know that you’ll be hunting in a highly leveled patch of grass). Next, you’re to decide on where you want to start your hunt. Most hunters that try to random encounter for shinies try the darker patches of grass that send out two Pokes at once, just so that their odds are better.

They also tend to keep Pokemon with the abilities Synchronize or Illuminate as their first in party so that they either can influence the shiny’s nature (Pokemon that have the ability Synchronize have a likely-hood of running into Pokes with the same natures) or how often they run into wild Pokemon (Illuminate causes you to run into wild Pokemon more frequently than you otherwise would).

Now, if your party of Pokemon is at a high enough level, you should be able to run away from most Pokemon you run into (ie. The Pokemon that are not shiny). And then all you have to do is start running through the grass and counting the number of Pokemon you encounter (this is optional – some shiny hunters prefer to know how long it took them to come across a shiny so they keep a tally sheet beside them; you do not have to do so if you don’t want to. During this type of shiny hunting, though, I’d suggest you keep your volume on – even if it’s on its lowest setting – because running from Pokemon will start to become second nature and you may not even realize you’ve run into a shiny Pokemon if you don’t hear it give off the shiny twinkling chime.

Obviously when you’re doing this sort of shiny hunting you can’t be sure what kind of shiny Pokemon you’ll eventually run into, so it’s best to find a route that contains quite a few Pokes that you’d like to find shiny. Good luck and happy shiny hunting!


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