Having the perfect Team!

By Amanda

When you begin your pokemon journey, you start out with either a grass type, a water type, or a fire type pokemon.  Which ever one you begin with will be your partner, who will help you overcome tough situations.  Now to find five more pokemon to your team, which your allowed six pokemon total.  The first thing is to figure out which types of pokemon that will help you on your journey.  A Flying type can give you ad by flying you from town to town when you win a certain amount of badges.  And Flying types has an advantage against bug, and grass types, and are not affected by attacks such as earthquake.  But they are weak when it comes to electric types, so watch out.  A Water type, if you didn’t choose a Water pokemon as your starter, can surf you to islands and places that are on water, and are strong against rock, and ground types.

But when it comes to grass, and electric types, they aren’t of much help.  A Fire type can stand on their  own against grass, bug, and steel types, but are weakened by water, ground, and rock types.  An electric type is the master against flying, and water types, but do have a challenge when up against a grass type, and electric attacks has no effect against a rock or a ground type.  A Grass type can cut through long grass, and small trees, and can also attract pokemon through sweet sent!  They are number one against water and ground types, but they are weak against fire, ice and flying types.

When catching pokemon, learn about the attacks they learn, what their weaknesses are and if they evolve.  Try not to have more then one type of pokemon on your team, you will battle all kinds of different pokemon.  And to make your pokemon stronger, and not by just leveling them up, is to have them learn different types of attacks.  For example, Gengar is a ghost type and a poison type, have it learn one to two ghost type attacks, and maybe have it learn brick break, which does massive damage against a normal type, and psychic, which deals heavy damage against fighting types.  And since ghost types have no effect against normal types, and weak against fighting types,  brick break and psychic will come in handy.  And now Gengar is strong enough to beat two  pokemon  which before it was weak against!  Any pokemon can become apart of your perfect team, just learn their strengths and weaknesses, and find ways to overcome them, and before you know it, you could become a Pokemon Master!

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