How To Protect Your Pokemon Cards

By Anonymous

Do you know how to protect your Pokemon cards? When you don’t protect your cards properly they will get damaged! Which you don’t want to happen. To protect your Pokemon cards make sure they are in soft sleeves and then put them into top loaders. Or if they are super rare there are glass cases to keep them in crisp mint condition which good collectors should do. If you don’t have top loaders and you have sleeves stick them into the sleeves and put them into your binder for safe keeping.

Binders are also a good way to keep your cards safe. Top loaders go for very cheap. A pack of fifteen is worth two dollars. Sleeves can get fairly expensive but it is worth it. There are some fancy Pokemon sleeves which usually cost more than normal sleeves. I’ve seen some sleeves go for about sixty five dollars sometimes. But some great, common, cheap sleeves most collectors use sleeves that keep your cards in good condition are the soft transparent sleeves that hug the card so it will stay in place and stay in mint condition. These sleeves are really cheap. They are reliable and of great use to your pokemon cards!

To keep them in good condition make sure they stay in the top loader and sleeve, don’t constantly take them out and play with them. When you keep your cards mint the more the Pokemon cards value will become. The rarer the card is and it is mint you might have a little fortune there! When you don’t protect your cards properly they will get damaged, they will get bent, be exposed to other harmful things and cause edge wear. If you collect Pokemon cards make sure to protect them properly. Pokemon cards are very delicate and are easy to ruin. Not all cards belong in sleeves in top loaders but just make sure to keep your rare cards safe as in the future you can sell them for a pretty penny. Follow this tip and you can keep all of your cards in mint condition!



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