Pokemon Normal Type Move Summaries Part 1

By Matt

I will be discussing Normal-type Pokemon moves.The entire list can be found at http://www.serebii.net/attackdex-bw/normal.shtml. This provides a complete list with PP, Base Power, Accuracy, and a complete description. When you click on the move, you can see more details, like which Pokemon can learn it.

Acupressure is first on the move list. It sharply raises (two levels) one of its stats (which I think is picked randomly). I’m not too confident that this move would be helpful; I would prefer a move that just raises the stat the Pokemon is weakest in. After You is a move that makes the target move immediately after the user. This is a great strategy in Double or Triple Battles, since slow, lumbering Pokemon have a chance to get a hit (or even an OHKO) before they are wiped out by a super-effective attack. It’s weak in Single Battles, where the only target is the enemy Pokemon, so unless you battle a lot online or with friends, I wouldn’t suggest keeping this move.

Assist is a move I’m kind of on the fence with. It picks a move any of your party Pokemon know. Since this move is used by Normal-types most of the time, there would be no bonus for move/type matchups, and the move might be harmful (i.e. Selfdestruct, Heal Pulse, etc.). However, if you keep only powerhouse moves, or even OHKO moves, this could be useful, especially if the user is weak.

Attract does what its name implies. This move only works on Pokemon of the opposite gender. Pokemon with no gender (i.e. Steel-types or legendaries) can not be affected by this move. I had an Audino and would keep using Attract and Flash in conjunction, since its only other move was Doubleslap. This move is a gamble, because the target can still attack (otherwise it will do nothing); plus, it must have a gender and be the opposite one of the user.

Barrage is a combo move, meaning it hits two to five times. Its accuracy is only 85, leaving room for it to miss. Like most combo moves, I suggest finding a replacement.

Baton Pass, in my opinion, is useless, because it just switches out one of your own Pokemon. Contrary to Roar or Whirlwind, Baton Pass allows you to keep stat changes. Unfortunately, this means stat increases AND decreases.

Belly Drum will take out half of your HP, but will increase

Attack to its maximum in battle. If one of your teammates decides to use Follow Me, it can provide a great distraction so the user can start slugging out powerful moves. Remember, it maximizes Attack, meaning only physical attacks can do maximum damage.

Bestow is like Fling, but without any damage given. This can be really useful if your Pokemon has a Ring Target with it. If it passes it on to the target, it can be hit by all types of moves that normally would have no effect on it. That means Electric can hit Ground, Psychic can hit Dark, etc.

Bide is where the user will store its energy, but cannot do anything for two turns (including the turn it uses this move). On the third turn, it will unleash its energy.

Bind and Block have the same purpose: to prevent the target from escaping. Bind also deals minimal damage every turn to the target. Unless you’re trying to catch legends, I would not suggest keeping this move.

Body Slam is where the user slams into the target. An annoying byproduct of this move is a chance of paralysis. It’s a powerful move with 85 power, and should be kept.

This wraps up the move summaries for Normal-type moves beginning with A and B; more moves will be discussed in future articles.


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