Is It Better To Collect Older Or Newer Pokemon Cards?

By Anonymous

There are many Pokemon card collectors out there. Some mostly collect the older kinds of cards like ones from base set or jungle. Some mostly collect the newer stuff like ones from Heart Gold Soul Silver or HS Triumphant. But there is a constant debate on which cards are better. The older cards or the newer ones? Which one are you for?

I collect Pokemon cards myself and I like both kinds of cards. But some just don’t agree. Base set and the other older sets contain the original 150 Pokemon. Such as Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur. Heart Gold and Soul Silver and the newer sets contain newer kinds of cards like primes, legends, and shinies. But today the older sets are the ones that are more expensive than the newer ones. Packs of base set and such cannot be found at stores anymore, that’s why they are more expensive. But some old school collectors don’t care about the price.

A base set booster box would cost anywhere from three hundred to five hundred dollars. As for the newer booster boxes like HS Triumphant go for around 75 bucks at the cheapest. Right now in the Pokemon world everybody’s after a base set Charizard even some of the newer collectors. Charizard holographic from base set is one of the rarest cards today.

None of the newer cards can match up to the rareness of that Charizard. But there are some rare cards in the newer sets such as Gengar prime, Lugia legend, and some shinies from the new set of call of legends.  Some individual cards have a real heavy price, like Gengar prime goes for about thirty to forty bucks alone. Or like the base set Charizard which can go from thirty to seventy dollars individually. If you have these types of cards, don’t trade them away as there value will go up the older they are. And when you need some real money think of selling those and you can get a pretty penny for all kinds of cards. If you’re a fan of the new or old school cards it doesn’t matter as we all are collectors.

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