Kanto Starters And Evolutions: The Squirtle Line

By Jo

It’s small, turtle-like, and rarely found in the wild. Squritle, the Tiny Turtle Pokemon, is the Kanto region’s water-type starter and is considered the balance between the three. While the Charmander line is supposed to be rash and hard to train, the Bulbasaur line is just the opposite as its mild mannered and well behaved. The Squirtle line isn’t hard to train, but it also isn’t the mellowest of evolutionary lines either.

According to its pokedex entries, Squirtle is born with a soft shell that eventually hardens on its back. When feeling threatened, it will shrink into its shell and spray its foe with a powerful jet of water. Though its shell isn’t just used for protection. The rounded surface of it and ridges help reduce water resistance and allow it to swim at high speeds. Squirtle is the first water-type Pokemon listed in the National Pokedex and is also the most trained Kanto starter in the anime (Ash, Gary, and May all trained a Squirtle of their own at one point). Squirtle’s design is based off from a turtle. Its name is most-likely a combination of the words ‘squirt’ (which could reference its small size or the fact that water can be squirted) and ‘turtle’.

Once Squirtle reaches level 16 it evolves into Wartortle. Wartortle and its fluffy tail are considered to be symbols of longevity so they are a more popular pet among older people. Those that have algae on their shells are normally very old. Its pokedex entries state that it moves its ears when swimming to keep balance. Its large tail, which is covered in thick fur, is supposed to grow darker in color as it ages and the scratches on its shell are supposed to act as proof of its toughness in battle. Wartortle are said to live for 10,000 years. Like Squirtle, Wartortle’s design is based off a turtle. Its name is most-likely a combination of the words ‘war’, ‘turtle’, and ‘tortoise’.

Finally, Wartortle evolves again into a Blastoise at level 36. Blastoise is the mascot for the Pokemon Blue games and has the highest base Special Defense stat of any fully evolved starter Pokemon. Blastoise is the only final evolution of a Kanto starter that does not have a second type, and is the only fully evolved Kanto starter not immune to Toxic Spikes. According to its pokedex entries, Blastoise’s cannons are able to shoot its enemies with enough force that would punch holes through steel. Because it has so much power, it deliberately weighs itself down and plants its feet firmly to withstand the recoil of the water that it fires. It is also able to crush its enemies with its heavy shell or withdraw into that shell if it needs to protect itself. Blastoise’s design is based off from a turtle as well as a military tank. Blastoise’s cannons are most-likely based off from tubes that are found in muscles and other shellfish as it is labeled as the Shellfish Pokemon. Its name derives from the words ‘blast’ (most-likely referring to its cannons) and ‘tortoise’.

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