Pokemon Poke Transfer

By Matt

To keep the Pokemon series worth playing time after time, the creators added a Poke Transfer feature, which has debuted in the Diamond and Pearl series with Pal Park. Recently, it has been renamed to Poke Transfer, which is a trade that involves two DS systems. (Pal Park uses a Nintendo DS and a GameBoy Advance Pokemon Game.) The Poke Transfer Lab is located to the left of White Forest or Black City, depending on your version. When you first enter, you will meet the scientists, who tell you about the art of being able to transfer Pokemon from region to region. The one in charge of the experiment will give you the heads-up about Poke Transfer. He will ask you if you want to try it out, and once you’ve had it set up (this game on one DS, and DS Download Play in the other), you can start with the migrating. What he tells you is some requirements that must be met before transferring a Pokemon.

For example, the Pokemon can not know any HM moves. Another qualification is that it must not have a hold item; if it does, then that hold item cannot be transferred. There are no restrictions on which Pokemon to be transferred; all Pokemon can be transferred from game to game.

One other odd feature is that Pokemon must be transferred six at a time; this is for the game to work. After you’ve selected your six, you will move to the Poke Transfer Game, which is very addicting, but can only be played when you have Pokemon to transfer. It has a very simple concept and can be caught on easily. The object of the game is to capture each Pokemon using a slingshot and an unlimited supply of Poke Balls, which is very similar to the game Angry Birds, where you have to conquer various obstacles using catapulted birds. Use the stylus to launch the Poke Ball; the crosshatch will tell you where you’ll shoot the Poke Ball. The Pokemon, who are yet to know you, are not willing to be captured, and will start hiding in the bushes or start jumping around. When they stick their heads out of the bushes, you can launch a Poke Ball at the bush. Although you won’t catch it, they will start jumping around, giving you the opportunity to capture them.

When you’ve captured five, the last will start jumping around fast, but will still be easy to catch. Your score, with a maximum of 999, will be shown after you’ve caught all the Pokemon, and the highest score you’ve achieved can be seen on your Trainer Card. After you’re done, the game will ask you several times if you want to be transfer, and that they cannot return to their old games. Select “Yes” and you can play with the Pokemon you used to know in another life. They will keep the Poke Ball they were caught in, and have the original trainer’s name and ID. Poke Transfer is a great way to catch up with the memories you’ve had before with older Pokemon games.

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