Meet Pokemon Raikou

By Anonymous

Ah yes, the legendary beast of the Johto region, Raikou. There are however two other legendary beasts known as Entei and Suicune. These three have been chosen by Ho-oh to watch over the world and see if humans have properly bonded with their Pokemon, which will signal Ho-oh’s return to the Bell Tower. This is just how the anime tells it. When the bell rings, Ho-oh will come to the tower, awaiting the chosen trainer for a battle. This is really awesome. Entei is the volcano Pokemon, Suicune is the incarnation of water, and Raikou, Raikou is the incarnation of Thunder. He is a yellow colored Pokemon, his fur is yellow. He has four legs, and some black tiger like electric bolt stripes throughout his body. His tail is an icy blue static color, it is a bolt basically, there is a static shape that is kind of like a spiky ball on the end of his tail.

Raikou has a yellow face and red eyes, on his forehead is a black structure and he has puffy white around his cheeks. He has a mustache type structure that is the same icy blue as his tail where his mouth is. It is a very cool looking Pokemon. He has a purple flowing main that also resembles the thunder cloud. In the thirteenth Pokemon movie, Zoroark the Master of Illusion’s Raikou is a star. He is in his shiny form which makes his tail and his mustache a gray color. It gives his yellow body a gold color. His white puffs are a bit darker like a light gray. His main is also a dark yellow instead of purple color. A pretty cool look for Raikou.

In the anime Raikou isn’t seen much at all, literally. If you watched Pokemon Chronicles there was a short movie about Raikou called the Legend of Thunder. It is a pretty cool movie, all based in the Johto region which I thought was pretty cool. It isn’t really a movie, it is split up into part. The Legend of Thunger Part 1 and so on. I think it has about three parts. What do you think of Raikou?


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