Pokemon Power Points

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Are you familiar with a Pokemon game? Now something like Pokemon Battle Revolution, something more like Pokemon Heartgold or Pokemon Soulsilver version. Now, do you know how to do a Pokemon battle? It is when to Pokemon battle each other to prove who is stronger, if a Pokemon beats another, the winner gains experience points which will allow the Pokemon to level up and can then become stronger. It is great, for the Pokemon and for training the Pokemon.

How do Pokemon attack? Pokemon attack using moves, they can’t just use the same move five hundred times during a battle though. Each move has a special and unique limit to how many times it can be used. These are used in a number system, these numbers are called power points. Power points can also be abbreviated as PP, which is what the games do. An attack like Dialga’s exclusive and signature attack, Roar of Time, it only has five power points. On the game it will show up as Roar of Time 5 PP. Meaning Dialga can only use the attack Roar of Time five times, when it has been used five times it will show up as Roar of Time 0 PP.

After that Dialga will need to use another attack such as Metal Claw. When it runs out of power points for that attack is will to say Metal Claw 0 PP. And so on until all four attack say this. What happens when all the moves run out of power points? Well, the Pokemon is then unable to attack, so it will have to use something called Struggle. Struggle is an attack that really doesn’t have a type. It isn’t like Roar of Time which is a dragon type move or Metal Claw which is a steel type Pokemon move. Struggle also has no limit to power points. If it is possible you can use Struggle five hundred times! The only thing is that Struggle attack the foe, but it also takes damage to the user known as recoil damage.

When a Pokemon uses an attack like Take Down, or even Struggle for that moment, it will lose some of it’s on health, known as health points (HP). If it uses Struggle just a few times it will lose all of it’s health points, you will need to keep reviving your Pokemon with a Hyper Potion or something of that nature in order to restore the health points. Ethers and Elixirs can be used to restore power points. It is very important to keep a well balanced set of power points in Pokemon battling.

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