Munna And Musharna

By Jo

In the first generation games and their remakes there was a female picnicker on Route 10 that mentioned wishing there was a pink Pokemon with flowers on it. Fast forward some ten years and out comes Munna, a Pokemon that fits the description Carol gave.

Munna is small and pink has rose-colored (nearly red) eyes, and sort of resembles a piggy bank. It has purple flowers scattered around it and could possibly be based off from the Baku myth (the same one Drowzee is based off from) in which a tapir-like creature eats dreams. Munna could also be based of traditional Japanese incense burners called “koro”. According to its Black pokedex entry, Munna constantly floats in the air. Despite this though, it does not have the ability Levitate. It also states that those whose dreams are eaten by Munna forget what the dreams had been about. Its White pokedex entry says that it eats the dreams of both people and Pokemon. Munna is the only Pokemon to evolve by Moon Stone since the third generation, as Skitty was formally the latest to be released. When it devours a pleasant dream, it expels a pink colored mist. Munna’s name is most-likely a combination of the words ‘moon’ and ‘luna’ (both meaning the same thing), which is probably a reference to dreams normally occurring when the moon is present.

Munna evolves into its final form, Musharna, only when it’s exposed to the Moon Stone. Because of that, it can really evolve at any time. Musharna appears to be a cross between a pig and an elephant. Its size is more pig-like, though it has a sort of trunk for a nose. Its head is a light pink and reaches down like ruffles on a collar. Its feet are all the same salmon color as the smoke that it seems to be emitting from the top of its head. The rest of its body is light purple. It seems to be curled up and sleeping in the fetal position, which would go along with the whole ‘dreams’ theme. According to its pokedex entries, the mist that Musharna emit from their foreheads is packed with the dreams of other people and Pokemon. By using the mist from its forehead, it can create shapes of things from dreams it has eaten. Like Munna, Musharna is most-likely based off from the Baku myth, which is why it seems to show some physical resemblance to Drowzee. Though, also like Munna, Musharna could be based off from koro, which are traditional Japanese incense burners. Musharna’s name most-likely came from ‘moon’ and ‘luna’, and possibly ‘mushamusha’ (which means “munch” and “crunch”) and might be a reference to the fact that Musharna eats dreams.

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