Pokemon Held Items

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In Pokemon battling, there is a lot that can determine the outcome of the battle. One of these is the Pokemon held item. A held item is merely an item being held by the Pokemon. An item can be consumed by the Pokemon or used and can in some cases, determine the outcome of the battle. An item can range from a berry all the way to something like a choice item. A choice item is very powerful and can really determine the outcome of the battle. A choice item sharply increases on stat of a Pokemon but there is a catch, only one move can be used this entire time unless you return the Pokemon and send it out, meaning the choice item will reset. If another Pokemon disables this moves, then the Pokemon holding the choice item will have to use the move Struggle, which isn’t really a move as it is just the Pokemon Struggling, which will cause recoil.

The Choice Scarf sharply increases the Pokemon’s speed stat. The Choice Specs sharply increase the Pokemon’s special attack. The Choice Band sharply increases the Pokemon’s attack stat. A Pokemon can also hold an item that can be used to help train it. The Power Anklet, for example, if hold by a Pokemon and trained can make the Pokemon’s speed stat raise when it levels up.

A Pokemon may also use an item like a berry in battle. You will see a Sitrus Berry on a gym leader’s Pokemon is the most common example. A Sitrus Berry will erstore a Pokemon’s health points slightly if they get too low. A Lum Berry will erase all status conditions. If a Pidgey got paralyzed by a Pikachu and it is holding a lum Berry, the Pidgey will be cured or paralysis. The Leftovers or Shell Bell will restore a little bit of a Pokemon’s health points after each turn. It may not be much but can very well be great to help you out in battle. Items are important, very important, and again can determine the outcome of a battle.

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