New 5th generation Pokemon character Victini for your Nintendo DS

By Masa Nakamura

It was just announced on the Japanese Pokemon Sunday TV show that there will be a new Pokemon character. It’s name is Victini. This can be pronounced “bikutini”, “vikutini” or “victini”, depending on how you translate it. This very cute little critter looks like a little tan and orange mouse, but has big eyes and ears and has kind of a wild look to it. He or she is also giving the victory sign which is where its name Victini comes from. Victini is one of the new Legendary Pokemon characters. It is a phantom Pokemon which is similar to Mew, Jirachi, Manaphy, Celebi & Shaymin. It is listed as #000 in the Isshu Dex. It is not in the upcoming Pokemon Nintendo DS Black and White games that will hit the shelfs on September 18, 2010, but can be downloaded separately.

If you wish to get this character for you Nintendo DS game, it can be obtained by a WiFi event giving the Liberty Ticket from September 18th 2010 to October 18th 2010. The upcoming Nintendo DS Black and White games have the new characters called Reshiram and Zekrom. This new game will be incredibly popular and sell out extremely fast. This character is sure to be a big hit. Im sure they will eventually be making a plush Pokemon stuffed toy of it, but there is no information so far. Other merchandise will probably eventually come out as well. Everyone is excited about the new 5th generation Pokemon characters that are being released as we speak.

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