Which Japan Pokemon Center Generation V Plush Toys Are The Best?

By Tony Tanaka

In September, 2010, the Pokemon Generation V collection was released. There are approximately 155 completely new characters. They vary from previous Pokemon character designs as a new artist drew them. Although there is not much known yet about these characters, which ones seem to be the most popular? So far only a handful of these characters have become known. Tsutarja, Pokabu, Mijumaru, Emonga, Kibago, Meguroko, Mamepato, Munna and Musharna were all made in small plush toys already, so they seem to be quite popular. Tsutarja, Pokabu and Mijumaru are probably the most popular of the characters so far. These seem to be the three main characters of the new generation V set of characters. Tsutarja is a snake, Pokabu is a pig and Mijumaru is an otter.

Another character, Emonga, is also quite known among children. It is some type of flying squirrel. Kio seems to be a lizard type character, Meguroko is an alligator, Mamepato is a bird and Munna and Musharna seem to be based on Tapirs. In addition to the above 9 characters, large versions of Reshiram and Zekrom have also been made. Being the main stars of the new Pokemon Black and White video game, these two characters are black and white futurized dragon type characters. These two characters seem to resemble Digimon characters rather than pokemon, but are still hugely popular.

In October, 2010, some new characters will be revealed. I have heard that this time it will be Hiyappu, Baokki, Yanappu which are monkeys, Minezumi which is a chipmunk, Yorterrie which is a Yorkshire Terrier and Churine which is some sort of onion I believe. In addition, there is supposed to be a larger size plush toy made of Janovy which is the evolved form of Tsutarja, Chaobu which is the evolved form of Pokabu, and Futachimaru which is the evolved form of Mijumaru. These are the first three of the evolved characters and should be very popular with Pokemon fans. With so many new characters, it is hard to wonder if these will be as popular as previous versions. The older artist was so popular that this new artist has some big shoes to fill.

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