Paul’s Chimchar

By Carl00456

Chimchar had a rough time with Paul. He was regularly abused up to the point of his abandonment, though Paul still made harsh comments about Chimchar when Ash decided to have him. Chimchar was a great Pokemon in the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl series; it’s unfortunate that Chimchar had to suffer throughout the anime.

Chimchar was first met when Paul was strolling along a route and he saw a wild Chimchar being chased by a horde of vicious Zangoose. Chimchar fled as fast as he could until he was stopped by the dead-end of a cliff. It is there where Chimchar unleashed his full power. Paul was watching Chimchar as he dodged the Zangoose’s attacks. Chimchar was so afraid and tormented that he had no choice but to fight back. Chimchar used flame wheel and sent out a fury of flames rapidly spinning around in a spiral. The Zangoose ran away quickly and Chimchar remained in the centre of the ash and flames. Paul realised Chimchar’s power and walked up to Chimchar, asking if Chimchar would like to go with him.

Chimchar was part of Paul’s team. He was shown battling with Paul many times in the anime but most of the time he lost. Paul was getting frustrated with Chimchar as he had never repeated his true power that he unleashed when fighting the group of Zangoose so he criticised it for being weak. Paul regularly tried to get Chimchar to show his power again so he tortured it by making it fight stronger Pokemon that were too powerful for it to defeat. Paul’s idea of training Chimchar was seriously wrong. He even made his Pokemon team attack him in hopes of re-creating his true power. Ash saw what was going on and explained that it was wrong and not the right way to treat Pokemon but Paul ignored this. Paul wouldn’t even send Chimchar to the Pokemon center when it was injured as he didn’t care for it.

In a later episode, it was once again faced by a Zangoose who trapped Chimchar in its claws. Paul was so ashamed of Chimchar for not turning out how he expected that he turned away and did not give it any commands. After it was saved by Ash’s Turtwig, Paul released Chimchar in front of Ash and Ash invited Chimchar to join his Pokemon team.

For the rest of the anime Chimchar was better-off. He did not have to be called weak by a bad trainer, though hard battles did challenge Chimchar. Chimchar was still put through some tough battles, facing strong opponents which made it scared and frightened, up to the point where he eventually lost control and used blaze, injuring Ash. Chimchar battled against Paul’s Pokemon again and suddenly evolved and, quickly afterwards, evolved again. Not many memories are left of him now. Paul did give the impression, however, that he realised how strong Chimchar had become.

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