Pokemon Black And White Anime Review

By Carl00456

Pokemon Black and White or ‘Best Wishes’ is the newest season of Pokemon. If you have not watched this before then I urge you to as you will not regret it. This series greatly surpasses the others as it includes amazing animation, better characters and many more Pokemon.

The first episode was very exciting. Ash decided to travel to the Unova region. When he gets there things suddenly begin to go wrong. A giant thundercloud gathers over the blue sky and Pikachu’s electricity powers do not work. Pikachu has to be contained in a special machine so Ash and the professor can monitor its health. Ash meats all the new starter Pokemon and even meets his rival, Trip. At the end of the episode we discover that the thundercloud was actually caused by Zekrom, the legendary Pokemon.

Later on, Ash meets his new friends, Iris and Cilan. These two characters are entertaining and unique as they both have detailed back-stories and Pokemon that suit them, although Iris can be a bit annoying at times. The only other bad thing I can say about the characters is that they sometimes interrupt each other so it can be hard to tell what they are saying. The art is beautiful. The Pokemon look realistic, frequently moving instead of standing still. The backgrounds also look great, providing a frantic atmosphere to the anime.

The story is coming along nicely, each character is developing and becoming stronger and most of the episodes that have nothing to do with the main plot are actually rather interesting. Each episode provides something new and, usually, a new Pokemon. There are more jokes in Pokemon now, which I welcome as it is a fresh change from being serious. I find it hard to believe that Ash somehow got to capture every starter Pokemon, it’s kind of overwhelming. I especially like Oshawott as he continuously gets out of his poke-ball at the most uncalled for of times and tries to prove to Ash that he is worthy of being his Pokemon.

The music is soothing and nice to listen to, the mysterious music that plays when Ash and his friends are at the Dream Yard is my favourite as it somehow sends me into a trance. Team rocket have got surprisingly better, even their motto have improved. Though they can be annoying at times, at least they’re not blasting off into space as soon as we see them. The battles between Pokemon are quite impressive; Pikachu’s moves like iron-tail look almost three-dimensional. The towns look larger and more realistic and are spurting with life. I almost feel included in the anime as I sometimes cheer Ash on in his Pokemon battles as I am leaning forward in my seat. All I can say is that you should definitely watch this, if you don’t then you’re missing out.

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3 Replies to “Pokemon Black And White Anime Review”

  1. I’m really enjoying it too! but does Ash REALLY need the three starters? The starters are supposed to be rare, and to me Ash catching all of them so easily feels a bit forced xD
    How much of a noob Ash is made to be bothers me too! This is unacceptable! We have seen him win many many gym badges and even the Orange League >.< As a fan, I find it insulting to see Ash struggle to understand basic type advantages/disadvantages and the art of catching a Pokemon.He has been doing this for 14 seasons, you don’t forget things like that, even if you’re 10.

  2. I absolutely agree to mainly some of the points that the above poster had to type.

    The original series was by far better. I’m still trying to grasp the fact that they made Ash into such a newbie trainer in this series.

    I completely hate the newly introduced pokemon. They have been reduced to a jumble mess of jointed dango unlike the detailed edges and toughness from that of the original series (like salamence and charizard. I think that the Unova region is filled with soft-boiled pokemon and characters.

    The storyline is what I find the most appealing about this series. There are less fillers and Ash and (gang) reaches towns much faster.

    Overall, I can’t wait until this series is over and hopefully the producers realize the drop of mature viewers and make the next season a continuation of the original.

  3. While I agree that the animation is very good in this new series, I have to say that overall, it’s a huge letdown. The dialogue especially makes me cringe, as it sounds very flat and cheesy. Ash acts as though he’s never trained Pokemon before half the time, and his “naivety” has gone from comically believable to painfully forced (the Contonee in Love episode is a prime example of this). The episodes themselves have far less to them plot-wise than those in the original series. I have recently re-watched the original series, and it was far more enjoyable than the newest one. There was far more depth, in both the characters and story lines of the episodes. In the original, you were really able to see Ash develop as a person and a trainer. You watched him grow up. Now, it’s as though all that never happened (heck, apparently he’s still 10), and his character remains very static. He doesn’t have much personality. The only aspect of the show that I can still enjoy, because it remains relatively unchanged, is Pikachu.

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