Pikachu I’m Sorry

By Carl00456

I feel I have to say this as I owe it to my dear Pokemon plush, Pikachu. He used to be an awesome plush, he would just sit there smiling, without a care in the world. He wasn’t in perfect condition, but that didn’t matter to me. He was my Pokemon. I want to tell you about his life, and what happened to him.

I was extremely happy to get a Pikachu from a local car-boot sale. When I got home I immediately washed it as it was a little dirty. His fur was soft and fluffy, he was a great plush, my first one actually. I used to joke and say ‘Pikachu!’ in a high pitched voice just to laugh. Overtime, I began to forget about him. I had a new edition to my collection, Piplup.

I can remember Pikachu’s last days with me. I made an awesome stop-motion video about Pikachu battling Piplup. I put Pikachu and Piplup back into my room but he accidentally fell on the floor, I had forgotten about him. I went downstairs and then a while later, back up again. My eyes hadn’t noticed that Pikachu was gone. I played on a few video games until I was bored and decided to go downstairs. Nothing could prepare me for what was going to happen next…

I opened the door to see parts of Pikachu’s body scattered around the floor. I slowly looked up to my mother with a pair of scissors in her hand. All I could hear was her laughter, her evil laughter. What had she done? She had destroyed my childhood and my Pikachu plush. I scooped up the parts of Pikachu that were left and ran upstairs after saying “I hate you!” to my mum. Pikachu laid on my bed, in pieces; he still had a smile on his face. I kept him in my room as a reminder of what my mum did that day. I woke up the next day and Pikachu’s body was gone. My mum had thrown it in the trash. I was sad for a long period of time and it was hard to forgive my mum for what she had done.

From that day until onwards, there have been many Pikachu plush’s entering my house. I pretended that Pikachu’s spirit had left his body and entered the new Pikachu plush’s body to make me feel better. All I have left to remind me of Pikachu is a few videos, including the stop-motion one I made that day. I enjoy having my new Pikachu plush and I just hope that Pikachu is okay in heaven.

I still have my new Pikachu plush and Piplup plush today, but lots have dust have accumulated over them. I don’t mind though. I cherish the time I have with them and hope that I will never forget them. They are awesome and a great part of my life. I just hope to learn from my mistakes so that no plush will be harmed again. I’m sorry Pikachu.


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