The Gothita Line

By Jo

The Gothita line was one of the game-exclusive Pokemon released in the Black and White games. It can only be found and caught in Pokemon Black. Though, like Solosis, its evolutions can be seen in either game so they can be traded for and bred to get the entire line to fill the pokedex.

Gothita is small, has a large purple head, and a tiny body that has a black and white zig-zag pattern running across its chest. It has a small tuft of ‘hair’ at the top of its head and has two obnoxiously sized bows on either side of its head and one the same size at its neck like a bow-tie. It has large, darkly-lined blue eyes and lips similar to Smoochum’s. According to its pokedex entries, their ribbon-like feelers increase their psychic powers. They appear to observe people and Pokemon intently and can see things that most cannot. Because of this, it is often remarked that Gothita are always staring at something. Gothita appears to be based on a child dressed as a gothic lolita. Its name is a combination of the two words ‘gothic’ and ‘lolita’ too.

Once Gothita reaches level 32 it evolves into Gothorita. Gothorita is a bit taller than its pre-evolution. It appears to be wearing a shorter length dress with two bows at its neck and waist and its ‘hair’ is pulled into bun-like pigtails and tied back with multiple bows (two on each side). Its hair also appears to be hanging in its face. According to its pokedex entries, Gothorita (like Hypno) can use hypnosis to control people and Pokemon. Tales of Gothorita leading people from their homes have become a well-known legend. Oddly enough, Gothorita is unable to learn the move Hypnosis. The entries also state that Gothorita get their power from the starlight. At night, they mark star positions by using their psychic abilities to float stones. Though like Hypnosis, Gothorita is unable to learn cosmic power as well. Gothorita seems to be based off from a young girl dressed in the gothic lolita fashion. Its name most-likely comes from the words ‘gothic’ and ‘senorita’ – the Spanish word for “miss”.

And finally, after Gothita reaches level 41 it evolves into its final evolution, Gothitelle. Gothitelle is much taller than its pre-evolution and is more than twice the size of Gothita. Gothitelle appears to be wearing a long, tiered black dress with long sleeves with white cuffs and a bow for each tier. Its ‘hair’ is pulled back into pigtails that are made up of four disc-like layers on each side. That hair also appears to fall nearly in its eyes and the back is decorated with another ribbon. According to its pokedex entries, Gothitelle can predict the future from the placement and movement of the stars. They can see trainers’ life spans and are most-likely a reference to fortune tellers. Gothitelle’s appearance seems to be based off from a young woman dressed in the gothic lolita fashion. Its name may come from the words ‘gothic’ and ‘mademoiselle’, which is French for the word “miss”.

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