Kyurem: Tech + Main Attacker

By: Brian Hsieh

With the release of Noble Victories arriving soon, many have their eyes on one Pokemon; Kyurem. Kyurem is an ice and dragon type. In Pokemon card form that translates to water type. Ice Pokemon featured in the Pokemon Black and White sets have displayed a weakness to steel type, an attempt to give steel decks a pickup later on in the TCG season. Kyurem has 130 HP, a two energy retreat cost, and two attacks. His first attack is Outrage, a two colorless energy attack that has the same effect as Reshiram and Zekrom’s Outrage. His second attack differs from the previously mentioned dragons. Instead of having an attack that does 120, his second attack called Glaciate, which costs two water energy and one colorless energy, attacks every one of your opponent’s Pokemon for 30 each. This move is devastating, as the only downside it has is that it can’t damage the active defending Pokemon for 120. It makes up by doing a possible 180 to your opponent in spread out damage, or 210 if the active Pokemon is weak against water. This gives users a good idea of how to keep it on the field, but not only is it a good Pokemon to use as a main attacker; it also fits as a tech in other decks.

Reshiphlosion is a top tier deck that many decks have to tech for. When the Emerging Powers released, Basculin 24/98 was a clear candidate to be teched into decks to counter Reshiphlosion. It was also a common card, so getting one in a booster pack wasn’t so difficult. You had a choice between Flail, which cost one colorless energy but could do up to 70 damage; or you could use Final Gambit, which cost one water energy and a double colorless and allowed you to do 80 damage. Double both of these attacks and you have a knocked out Reshiram or Typhlosion Prime. However, there were many flaws with Basculin. For one, Basculin only has 80 HP, which gives opponents an easy revenge KO when Basculin actually defeats something. Using Flail to its full effect would have to have Basculin at 70 HP. Final Gambit has a downside of knocking out Basculin if you flip double tails. The other downside to Final Gambit is that it takes two turns to set up (three if you don’t have double colorless), and once Basculin is knocked out, you lose vital energy. Kyurem is a better Basic Pokemon that has a higher HP and better attacks. Outrage already starts off doing 20 damage, so just five damage counters will KO a Reshiram or Typhlosion. Glaciate would do 60 damage to the defending Pokemon while 30 to each bench Pokemon, resulting in massive damage pickups if your main attacker is Kyurem. If you tech it in other decks then Magnezone, Gothitelle, Zekrom, or even your own Reshiram can clean up.

Kyurem can also become a wall in Vileplume decks. Zekrom is unable to hold up the wall without damaging himself for 40 with his big attack and Reshiram is unable to hold up the wall without constantly discarding energy. Kyurem can constantly use his second attack without any negative effect towards the user. This allows for another Kyurem to set up in case a Cobalion is teched in against it. Three Glaciate attacks already does 90 to the whole bench and the defending Pokemon, so many avid players are dying to see how that transfers into real life battle situations. Since Kyurem is a basic Pokemon, it’s able to be sent out first and have you set up Vileplume later. This allows users to add more cards in that can help Kyurem out, like other big bodied Pokemon that can take over if Kyurem is to be knocked out.

Overall I see Kyurem getting a lot of play in some decks. It fits well as a very consistent Reshiphlosion counter in wall decks but fails to one shot anything unless they are babies. It won’t see any play in Yanmegazone, but for Gothitelle and Vileplume decks, it will be a healthy addition.

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Pokemon Gothitelle Review

By Jack Snell

Hey everyone Jack Snell here, welcome to my review of one of the most hyped cards from Emerging Powers, Gothitelle:

At first glance we have a Stage 2, Psychic type Pokemon with a mediocre 130HP, a single Ability and a lone attack. Now these stats sound quite average at first, but with Battle Roads already underway the card is involved in a very powerful and hyped deck.

Let’s start with the Ability called ‘Magic Room’. This Ability states that while Gothitelle is in your active spot, your opponent cannot play any Trainer cards from his or her hand, which means that this is the second Pokemon to be able to provide Trainer-lock in the form of an Ability/Poke Body. What separates this Pokemon from the likes of Vileplume is that it blocks the opponent from playing trainers, but you are free to play as many trainers as you like including all the big ones right now like Rare Candy, Pokemon Communication and Pokemon Catcher. This means that you are able evolve weak basics on the bench without the fear of them being Catchered up and KOd before they evolve.

This kind of lock is obviously going to hurt the opponent a ton while you can freely play your game as normal, which is a definite upside from Vileplume, but the difference is that Vileplume can happily sit there on the bench whilst Gothitelle must be active. This means we need Gothitelle to have a respectable attack to be playable and to stay alive as long as possible which is where Reuniclus comes in.

The basic idea of the deck is that Gothitelle stays active, sits there locking the opponent and since it has the magic HP of 130, not much is going to be able to OHKO it effectively under the lock, only Mew Prime, Magnezone Prime, Badboar, RDL come to mind. That means that Reuniclus can assist by moving the damage the opponent is trying to pile onto Gothitelle and remove it from play by using cards such as Max Potion, Seeker and even through Blissey Prime’s Blissful Nurse. This deck is a very effective lock deck in this format, but it does have its weak points, namely its sluggish setup, matchups against Vileplume decks and against anything that can KO Gothitelle in one hit.
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The Gothita Line

By Jo

The Gothita line was one of the game-exclusive Pokemon released in the Black and White games. It can only be found and caught in Pokemon Black. Though, like Solosis, its evolutions can be seen in either game so they can be traded for and bred to get the entire line to fill the pokedex.

Gothita is small, has a large purple head, and a tiny body that has a black and white zig-zag pattern running across its chest. It has a small tuft of ‘hair’ at the top of its head and has two obnoxiously sized bows on either side of its head and one the same size at its neck like a bow-tie. It has large, darkly-lined blue eyes and lips similar to Smoochum’s. According to its pokedex entries, their ribbon-like feelers increase their psychic powers. They appear to observe people and Pokemon intently and can see things that most cannot. Because of this, it is often remarked that Gothita are always staring at something. Gothita appears to be based on a child dressed as a gothic lolita. Its name is a combination of the two words ‘gothic’ and ‘lolita’ too.

Once Gothita reaches level 32 it evolves into Gothorita. Gothorita is a bit taller than its pre-evolution. It appears to be wearing a shorter length dress with two bows at its neck and waist and its ‘hair’ is pulled into bun-like pigtails and tied back with multiple bows (two on each side). Its hair also appears to be hanging in its face. According to its pokedex entries, Gothorita (like Hypno) can use hypnosis to control people and Pokemon. Tales of Gothorita leading people from their homes have become a well-known legend. Oddly enough, Gothorita is unable to learn the move Hypnosis. The entries also state that Gothorita get their power from the starlight. At night, they mark star positions by using their psychic abilities to float stones. Though like Hypnosis, Gothorita is unable to learn cosmic power as well. Gothorita seems to be based off from a young girl dressed in the gothic lolita fashion. Its name most-likely comes from the words ‘gothic’ and ‘senorita’ – the Spanish word for “miss”.
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