Pokemon Egg Mechanics

By Matt

So, you want to learn more about Eggs? You’ve come to the right place. Although there’s not really too much an Egg can do, there are some important things that should be learned. First, a Pokemon that is the offspring of two different will be always female. However, if you want to take the safe way, breed with a Ditto, which will always give you the other one. Egg Moves, when breeding two different Pokemon, will be prevalent in the Pokemon. That means that the offspring will learn different moves, as long as it comes from the same egg group. Something that isn’t well known about Eggs is that they can hold items, but they will have no use, since Eggs can’t do anything. Eggs also have a chance of being shiny, but it is very rare; in fact, it is the same chance as encountering a wild shiny Pokemon.

The Day-Care Man can also tell you how fast the Eggs will be produced. The first stage is that they get along very well, which means that they produce Eggs at the optimal level. The second is that they get along, which is just as good as the first. Number three is that they do not get along very well; this happens if you try to breed Pokemon that you have got as a result of Eggs. But, this proves as a last resort if you don’t have that Pokemon you imported anymore.

The last stage is that they play with others, and that is what happens if you try to breed legends or Pokemon of different Egg groups. After your team is filled up with eggs, there’s a question of what to do. You can ride the Bicycle along some bridges, but to speed it up, have a Pokemon with the ability Flame Body or Magma Armor in the first slot. This will cut the cycles needed to hatch in half, thus making you able to hatch twice as many Eggs in the same time.

When the Eggs hatch, they will be level 1, which was changed in Diamond and Pearl from level 5. If you see that your hatched Pokemon is learning moves from both parents, that’s normal since it is a result of the two. But, when it first hatches, you will see that all its moves come from the father. This is because the moves that the father has learned through TMs or natural leveling will be passed down to the child. In the old games, it was a hassle to keep breeding Pokemon with the same TM moves, since it could only be used once. But breeding should be much easier now; or, even better, teach your hatched Pokemon the move when they become of level. One last thing is regarding to shiny Pokemon: if you breed Pokemon from two games of different language (like English and Japanese), the chance of getting a shiny is even more common: about one in 2,000. It is still rare, but there’s a whole lot of stuff you never knew about Eggs that existed

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