DisasterBuzz Deck

By Megapoola

Have you ever needed or wanted a fun deck for league or playing friends? I am here to give you some ideas on how to build one. This is a fun deck I call disasterbuzz. This involves using Absol prime from HS Triumphant and its Poke Body eye of disaster. This says that whenever Absol is active and your opponent benches a Pokemon it takes 20 damage. It also has an attack for one Dark and one Colorless that does 70 but you are required to send a Pokemon from your hand to the lost zone. It may seem bad against Lostgar decks but it does one-shot Gengar prime. Absol is not the main attacker though.

Mandibuzz from Black and White is the most effective pokemon for attacking. For only one dark energy you can do 50 damage to any of your opponent’s pokemon with damage counters on it. With Absol’s body that means that you should be able to snipe your opponents benched pokemon. if your opponents has not evolved their bench yet you should be able to knock out most basic pokemon in one hit.

The Trainer supporter stadium line of this deck involves professor elm’s training method. This allows you to get the Mandibuzz very quickly. You should also have pokemon collectors to retrieve Vullaby and Absol prime from your deck. The deck also uses research records and professor oak’s new theory. Due to the deck’s low energy count, you may choose to run energy search and energy exchanger. This allows you to get special dark energies and double colorless energies. That allows you to either use Zororark form Pokemon Black and White or Mandibuzz’s punishment attack.

I also suggest adding twins, black belt, interviewers questions and any other techs/ideas that you want to add or that you think will make the deck better or more fun. remember no deck list is set in stone have fun. This is my personal deck list below. The last 10 cards are for you to decide. Have fun!

Pokemon: 11

4x Mandibuzz-BW
4x Vullaby-BW
3x Absol prime-TR

Trainers/Supporters: 27

4x Professor elm’s training method-HGSS
4x Professor oak’s new theory-HGSS
4x Pokemon communication-hgss/bw
3x Energy search
2x Professor Juniper-BW
1x Twins-TR
3x Energy Exchanger UD
2x Energy Retrieval-BW
2x Research Records-CL
1x Judge-UL
1x Copycat-CL

Energy: 10

4x Darkness energy (special)
4x Darkness energy
2x Double Colorless energy

There are also many different techs you can add to the deck to change the damage spread. if you want to you can run a kingdra prime tech with delibird. It is a large tech however you need kingdra prime HS Unleashed, horsea and seadra. You can also use delibird that for one water and one colorless does 10 to all of your opponents pokemon but you then need water energy. You may also use zoroark (BW) for its double colorless energy to choose one of your opponents active pokemon’s attacks. This stops the worst mach ups from reshiboar and zps. zoroark will copy their strong attacks and if you add a pluspower you can knock out one of them easily.

Now on to the strategy of the deck. The ideal start would be absol prime (active) and vullabies on the bench. You would also want helping supporters like professor oaks new theory and proffessor elm’s new theory. That gives you the option to go for a mandibuzz or a new hand. with absol prime active on turn one your opponent will most likely try not to bench many basics you may want to add in seekers(TR) to make your opponent pick up pokemon. This is helpful against decks that use stage 2 pokemon. However if they do bench basics you can try to snipe them with mandibuzz or KO their active with absol. If they do get a stage 2 out and they are attacking attach the DCE to Mandibuzz and use punishment with black belt. That should KO most stage 2 pokemon.

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