Shiny Pokemon And How To Catch Them

By Carl00456

Let’s face it. The chances of even seeing a shiny Pokemon are extremely low. I have been searching over all of the regions and it’s been a tiring journey. I spent countless hours soft resetting, breeding Pokemon and searching on the GTS, yet I still do not have a shiny Pokémon. All in all, I have actually spent around four hundred hours. I’ll tell you some tips for getting shiny Pokemon, however, you will have to devote most of your time to trying to get one and it will be a long and lethargic journey.

Firstly is the egg method. All you need is one Pokemon from one country and another from a different country. For example, you need a male Pikachu from America and a female Pikachu from Japan. You could always get a ditto from another place as this will save you heaps of time. Just look on the GTS or obtain a special one within certain games. Once you have your Pokemon, put them in the Day-Care Centre. I recommend using a bike instead of running and finding a long, straight route that you can cycle up and down without bumping into anything. Wait a while and an egg should appear. Collect the egg and cycle like crazy until it hatches and pray that it’s shiny. If you have a Pokemon that has the ability magma armour, out it to the front of your party as it will reduce the amount of time until the egg hatches.

Soft resetting is the easiest way to get a shiny Pokemon. Just stand in front of the Pokemon (One that you can encounter, like Lugia or Giratina or a starter Pokemon) and save. When you have saved, battle the Pokemon. If it’s not shiny then reset your game by pressing L + R + Start + Select. This will quickly reset the game back to the menu so you don’t need to waste any time turning the power off and on. Just keep repeating the process until you get a shiny Pokemon.

Using a poke-radar is another way to catch shiny Pokemon. Use max-repel and step into some grass. Select the poke-radar and some grass should shake. Step into it and a wild Pokemon should appear. You must defeat it. When you have defeated it some more grass should shake. If I was you I would choose the same type of grass that shook before (e.g. either normally shook or shook fast with light green near the top). You will have to do this up to forty times to increase the chance of getting a shiny Pokemon, but after forty it will have no effect. When you see a different coloured sparkle in the grass, step into it, as it’s a shiny Pokemon. You can increase your chances of getting a certain type of Pokemon to appear by putting a Pokemon first in your party to make other Pokemon of the same type to appear. For example, if you put Pikachu first and it has the ability static, the chances of an electric type Pokemon appearing increases. For this to work you must have a Pokemon with a special ability or a special item.

In my opinion, most shiny Pokemon are ugly and it’s not worth getting one. You can always get a shiny Gyrados through the Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver story, but who doesn’t have that? It’s not worth wasting your life just to get something for show, but how would I know? I’ve never saw one before.

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