Piplup, The Penguin Pokemon

By Carl00456

Piplup is your typical penguin pokemon with a slight difference; he has a tendency to over react and exaggerates most things as he is a bit of a drama-queen. Though he may not seem like much of a role-model, he is proud and always tries to do his best. He is referred to by me and many others as the unofficial second mascot of pokemon. He travels peacefully with Dawn outside of the cramped pokeball and out on the open road. It is hard to remember what episodes he was actually missing from in the Sinnoh region. In a few episodes I have come to notice that he sits quite contempt upon Dawn’s head. This conveys the image that he is indeed a spoilt pokemon. In my opinion, Piplup was used as a humorous gag on many separate occasions to please viewers. You may remember the time where Ash’s Gible would use his famous move Draco Meteor, only for it to come abruptly crashing down on to a certain pokemon’s head. He is the laughter of many of my pokemon episodes and its fun to see how he reacts to most situations.

His bond with his trainer and other pokemon has grown. This is especially noticeable when we look at the final episode of the sinnoh series. I can see why he didn’t evolve. It would have created many frowns among the pokemon audience and you just wouldn’t want to see a Prinplup or Empoleon slipping over a mislaid banana, it just wouldn’t be the same.

I have collected many merchandise of this certain pokemon and I can say that each one has its own uniqueness and portrays a certain personality of Piplup. My most favourite episode featuring Piplup is probably the first where we are first introduced to him. His personality traits are displayed straight away as he fights chimchar over pokemon food. These traits are carried on in the pokemon movies as he gets annoyed quickly when Shaymin ate his food. His voice is just amazing though. That’s top quality acting. I can’t help but shake the feeling that he sounds like a girl in Japanese and, come to think of it, so does Mijumaru.

Piplup should star in his own anime as he is so comically amusing. I can’t believe that he’s gone and I wish Dawn would travel to the Unova region, even if it would only be for a few episodes. In the Nintendo DS games I have raised Piplup from a mere level five to an exceptional level one hundred. He means so much to me as a pokemon fan and I am scared to think of what will happen to him. I beg that he is not forgotten and hope that he is gladly accepted back into the anime series as Piplup is hard to replace. When Piplup did something out of place I thought it was funny but when I look at the other water-type pokemon, you just can’t compare them to him.

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