Piplup, The Cute Penguin Pokemon

By Anonymous

The Sinnoh region. A glorious region inhabited by Pokemon and humans that train and capture them for battle. Both are great friends forever. They journey together and they fight together. Your first Pokemon is always one to remember, this is called your starter Pokemon. Professor Oak is a well known Pokemon researcher and a friend of all the professors. He worked on the digital encyclopedia known as the Pokedex. Trainers can get their starter from him.

A friend a Professor Oak is Professor Rowan. Professor Rowan studies Pokemon evolution. You can get a Turtwig, a grass type from him, A fire type Chimchar, or a water type Piplup. Let’s get Piplup. Piplup will be fine for the first fragments of your journey. The first gym is a rock type gym.The leader is Roark. He will throw a lot at you, be careful to winning this match. But it should be easy if you have a Piplup, mainly if Piplup has a water type attack.

Rock type Pokemon are weak against water type attacks. So it should be easy to get your first badge. Piplup is probably the most famous out of the three Sinnoh starters. This is because in the television series Dawn, the main female character in the Sinnoh region parts, chose Piplup as her starter. Piplup travels with Dawn, Ash, and Brock on their journey. Piplup tends to have attitude problems most of the time. Usually thinking he is the better one, or doesn’t like to admit he can’t do something. But Piplup is much like Pikachu is to Ash. Not going into a Pokeball most of the time and always traveling with their trainer walking side by side. Dawn’s Piplup never wanted to evolve. It was unique and different for this reason. Anyway let’s get back to Sinnoh in general. Piplup will evolve into a Prinplip which gets more power then Piplup and will help out your journey for quite some time, that is until it evolves. It will evolve into Empoleon. Empoleon has an emperor penguin type of look an is a water and steel type Pokemon. And odd combination, I think the first of its kind. Empoleon will put up a fight and will always be special for the fact that he is your starter Pokemon.

You will most likely want to challenge the Pokemon League in the Sinnoh region with him by your side. Empoleon can learn the very powerful water type attack Hydro Cannon, which is taught by a Move Tutor in the Survival Area after you beat the league, and if you can find his house. Will you choose Piplup for your journey in the Sinnoh region?

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Pokemon – Stopped In The Name Of Love

By Carl00456

This is my favourite episode in the Diamond and Pearl series of Pokemon. I enjoyed it so much as it features my favourite Pokemon, Piplup! The bond between Dawn and Piplup has greatly grown since Dawn first started out on her adventure and this episode goes through some recaps but shows how much they have both grown.

The episode mainly focuses on Piplup. He doesn’t want to evolve because he cherishes the memories he has with dawn. Over the episode he forces himself not to evolve by constantly using bide. This leads Piplup to get tired easily and he ends up in a Pokemon centre. He looks so cute sleeping in a bed! Dawns is worried about Piplup and doesn’t understand that Piplup does not want to evolve. When Piplup looked in the mirror and saw itself as a Prinplup it made me realise how ugly his evolutions were and how special Piplup is as a Pokemon. His stubborn and humorous attitude still continues as he occasionally flails his arms around in the air and runs away from Dawn. The moment when he is sitting under a waterfall trying not to evolve is my favourite, it shows how cool and determined Piplup is. Dawn, being Dawn, still does not understand that Piplup does not want to evolve and it takes him to be captured to finally get the message. Team Rocket cause havoc in a giant machine, shaped to look like a Prinplup, by capturing Piplup and Prinplup and trying to catch Empoleon.
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Piplup, The Penguin Pokemon

By Carl00456

Piplup is your typical penguin pokemon with a slight difference; he has a tendency to over react and exaggerates most things as he is a bit of a drama-queen. Though he may not seem like much of a role-model, he is proud and always tries to do his best. He is referred to by me and many others as the unofficial second mascot of pokemon. He travels peacefully with Dawn outside of the cramped pokeball and out on the open road. It is hard to remember what episodes he was actually missing from in the Sinnoh region. In a few episodes I have come to notice that he sits quite contempt upon Dawn’s head. This conveys the image that he is indeed a spoilt pokemon. In my opinion, Piplup was used as a humorous gag on many separate occasions to please viewers. You may remember the time where Ash’s Gible would use his famous move Draco Meteor, only for it to come abruptly crashing down on to a certain pokemon’s head. He is the laughter of many of my pokemon episodes and its fun to see how he reacts to most situations.

His bond with his trainer and other pokemon has grown. This is especially noticeable when we look at the final episode of the sinnoh series. I can see why he didn’t evolve. It would have created many frowns among the pokemon audience and you just wouldn’t want to see a Prinplup or Empoleon slipping over a mislaid banana, it just wouldn’t be the same.
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Sinnoh Starters And Evolutions: The Piplup Line

By Jo

It’s small, downy, and prideful to an extreme. Piplup, the Penguin Pokemon, is the Sinnoh region’s water-type starter and personally one of my favorite starters of all time. Piplup’s design is most-likely based off from a baby penguin, or Blue penguin. Though the ‘crown’ on its forehead may be a reference to an Emperor Penguin. Piplup and its evolutionary line are the only Pokemon that can learn the move Drill Peck that aren’t part flying-type, though that is most-likely because it is based off from a flightless bird.

Piplup starts off as being tiny and a bit awkward on its feet. Its pokedex entries state that it normally has a hard time walking around so it falls down a lot, though its unwavering pride causes it to quickly recover and pick itself back up. Its pride also keeps it from accepting food or assistance from strangers as it doesn’t like being taken care of. Its name may have come from the words ‘Pip’ – the stage in growth in baby birds directly before they hatch from eggs – and ‘plip’ or ‘plup’, which would make its name a play on ‘plip plop’, the sound of falling rain.
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