Pokemon Annuals Review

By Carl00456

I have collected Pokemon annuals since they first came out and though they are entertaining, they all seem to follow the same structure. They are really good and have almost no downsides to them, a great thing to do on rainy days.

The artwork is usually top-notch, the Pokemon look fantastically detailed and the backgrounds and Borders look nice too. The front and back of the book always look attractive. First, the book will usually inform you on every trainer in the specific region the book is based on. This almost always includes Ash, Pikachu and Team Rocket. The annuals usually follow on to various puzzles, games and quizzes. Though they’re no particularly hard, they do provide you with some basic Pokemon information. Some of the puzzles include crosswords, word searches, name that Pokemon and multiple choice questions.

We then move on to the Pokemon stories. There is about two or three in each annual, split across the book into parts. The story is accompanied by illustrations and images which help display what’s happening. The stories are fairly simple and easy for people to read from a young age. Pokemon names and descriptions are also included along with the stories.

The next section is a Pokedex. This lists many Pokemon that you can find in a region including the pokemon’s type, weight, height and ability, although there is no description of the ability or what it does. Again, the artwork looks great and it is easy to see the pokemon’s evolutions and stats.

The puzzles continue throughout the book, with spot the difference and mazes to complete. These only take a few minutes so you should be finished with the book in an hour or less. My favourite activities are the drawing ones, I put so much detail and shading into the drawing until it looks perfect. You also have the choice to draw your own Pokemon or colour some in. A few books contain small gifts like door signs you can cut out and hang up but I don’t do this as I feel it would wreck the book. The books contain around one hundred pages so there’s plenty to see and do. Some books even include posters or a large map of a region that shows the locations of all the towns. The end of the book shows the answers to all of the puzzles and advertises other books you can get. I currently have seven annuals and have completed each of them. I also have 3D Pokemon books and sticker and activity books which are much the same. The annuals are reasonably priced and should be available at your local supermarket. I would recommend the annuals and activity books to any Pokemon fan as they provide you with some fun and entertainment for a while. They are also great to collect and complete as it provides you with more knowledge on Pokemon.

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