The Venipede Line

By Jo

I’ve never had a thing for bug-types. With every new generation, I tend to avoid them throughout the game, as they just remind me too much of actual bugs (maybe that’s why I like flying-types so much?). But the odd thing about the fifth generation Pokemon games was that I actually found some bug-types kind of cute. Ironically, despite what they’re based off from, I wasn’t really put off by the Venipede line.

Venipede is a centipede-like Pokemon. Its head, shoulders, and feet are a burgundy shade, while its waist is colored teal. Its yellow eyes normally appear tired, the lids drooping slightly. It has eight legs. According to its pokédex entries, Venipede’s bite injects a potent poison that is strong enough to paralyze the large birds that are known to prey on it. The feelers on its head help it know what’s going on around it. Venipede are apparently brutally aggressive. Venipede’s design is most-likely based off from a centipede. However, it shares its physical appearance more with a millipede. Venipede’s name is probably a combination of the words ‘venom’, ‘centipede’, and ‘millipede’.

Once it grows to be strong enough, Venipede will then evolve at level 22 into a Whirlipede. Whirlipede looks as if Venipede had cured itself up in a ball, though had its color scheme changed. Its body is mostly a purple shade, with burgundy rings wrapping around its body. At the center, its yellow eyes peek out. Whirlipede’s body shape actually resembles a car tire, with the rings on its body being the tread, and its eye peeking out from the hole. It has two sets of feelers coming out from the front and back of it. The pokedex states that Venipede are protected by their hard shells. They will spin their bodies like wheels and crash into their opponents without mercy. It also states that they are usually motionless, though it can rotate itself at high speeds if attacked. Venipede’s design is most-likely based on a woodlouse curled into a ball. Its name seems to come from the words ‘whirl’, ‘centipede’, and ‘millipede’.

And finally, Whirlipede will evolve into its final form, Scolipede, once it reaches level 30. Scolipede is over eight feet tall and is pretty much the embodiment of a terrifyingly large bug. It’s actually the tallest and heaviest bug-type Pokemon. Its body is mostly burgundy colored with lavender rings and has the same, heavy lidded eyes as its pre-evolutions. According to its pokedex entries, Scolipede are highly aggressive. With quick movements, it chases down its foes, and attacks relentlessly with its horns until it prevails. It uses its claws near its neck to dig into its opponents and poison them. Scolipede’s design seems to be based Scolopendra gigantean, the largest representations of the Scolopendra. Its name is most-likely a combination of the words ‘Scolopendra’, ‘centipede’, and ‘millipede’.

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