The Bloom Is On Axew! Summary And Review


Hey guys! Here is my summary and thoughts about the 9th Pokemon Black and White episode. I’m excited to start. I just finished seeing it and I’m going to say that it’s my favorite episode so far. We see a change of pace, as the episode starts out with a battle between Iris and Cilan. However, this is no ordinary battle; instead, Iris has asked Cilan to get easy on her so she can train her Axew. Axew’s futile attempts are shunned by Pansage in hilarious fashion and the battle is abruptly stopped after a botched Dragon Rage.

Our heroes sit in a tree to relax. Ash and Cilan joke about Axew’s “Dragon Sneeze,” but soon after offer encouragement and help. We get to see some of Iris’s backstory including how she got Axew. Meanwhile, Team Rocket receives updated orders to head to the Desert Resort in search of a meteorite and is notified that they will rendezvous with another agent. Pikachu and Axew are playing in the forest and looking for apples when they accidently disturb a wild Scolipede. The trainers see a commotion in the distance and run to investigate. Pikachu reaches them and communicates that Axew is stuck between Scolipede’s antennae.

Ash, Iris, and Cilan work together to confront the wild Scolipede. Iris sends out her Excadrill, but it just stays still. The combined attacks of Snivy, Tepig, Pikachu, and Pansage are enough to distract the Scolipede and Iris swoops down and rescues her Axew. The angered Scolipede accidently kicks Excadrill who isn’t too happy about it and retaliates with Dig. Excadrill defeats Scolipede and our heroes triumph. Iris realizes things about herself and Ash decides to battle Pikachu himself. The journey continues!

It was a treat to start off the episode with a battle. There is a twist in that Axew is a really poor battler and Cilan is just helping her out. The battle is a must-see; it is very entertaining and funny. The weakened Bullet Seed and Solarbeam from Pansage was great stuff. Axew is just too cute. We also see a bit of role-reversal from Ash who is constantly yelling advice from the sidelines.

We get to see some character development for Iris in this episode. I enjoyed learning how she got her Axew and seeing her hometown (we get to see Fraxures and Axews and statues of Zekrom and Reshiram). Axew and Iris really seem to love each other and that’s a good thing. Team Rocket is lying low for now, just how I like it. I welcome their characters, just not every single episode. I like how the suspense is building up. The rest of the episode revolves around how Ash, Cilan, and Iris take care of the Scolipede problem and is filled with great animation.
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The Venipede Line

By Jo

I’ve never had a thing for bug-types. With every new generation, I tend to avoid them throughout the game, as they just remind me too much of actual bugs (maybe that’s why I like flying-types so much?). But the odd thing about the fifth generation Pokemon games was that I actually found some bug-types kind of cute. Ironically, despite what they’re based off from, I wasn’t really put off by the Venipede line.

Venipede is a centipede-like Pokemon. Its head, shoulders, and feet are a burgundy shade, while its waist is colored teal. Its yellow eyes normally appear tired, the lids drooping slightly. It has eight legs. According to its pokédex entries, Venipede’s bite injects a potent poison that is strong enough to paralyze the large birds that are known to prey on it. The feelers on its head help it know what’s going on around it. Venipede are apparently brutally aggressive. Venipede’s design is most-likely based off from a centipede. However, it shares its physical appearance more with a millipede. Venipede’s name is probably a combination of the words ‘venom’, ‘centipede’, and ‘millipede’.
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All About Pokemon Venipede, Whirlipede And Scolipede

By Emily

With so many Bug types in the fifth generation, it’ll take a lot to stand out of the crowd. Scolipede has the looks, the strength, and the speed to set it apart for the others. Its true potential is held back by its somewhat bad typing and uninspiring abilities.

In the games Venipede and Whirlipede are both common in Pinwheel Forest and relatively easy to catch, making them good choices for someone looking for a new team member. Add to that two strong attacks Venipede can learn right before it evolves, these characters can hit hard and fast. However, with Scolipede, strong attack without a diverse move pool leaves it as a cool-looking bug, but not much more. Without TMs, Poison Tail and Steamroller are its best attacks, requiring no recoil and having potentially match-winning effects. Even though this character can learn some other strong attacks such as Earthquake, X-Scissor, and Poison Jab, it still can’t defeat too many different types of Pokemon. A few other moves such as Gyroball and Venoshock would have been good options if only the stats for this Pokemon were a little different.
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