Pokemon Black City & White Forest Mechanics

By Matt

Black City and White Forest are both exclusive areas east of Nimbasa City for each version of Pokemon Black and White. There again is that conflict which states if people should move onto the future, which is Black City, or keep a part of old-fashioned times with us, which is White Forest. I like how each area is unique and that two different games are needed to interact with each other, emphasizing buying different games and making the most of your money. So let’s start with Black City first. When you beat the game, a new area will open to the right of Nimbasa City. You could have gone there before, but the Marvelous Bridge was closed for construction up until this point.

Once you get to the next town, you will find that it has numerous buildings. Step inside one of them, and there are Trainers of many kinds that want to battle you. The Pokemon levels depend on the Trainer; it is advised to have a powerful backup if one wishes to train a weaker one. Each building has a different Trainer, but the Trainer’s Pokemon will stay the same. It is a one-on-one battle each time, so it shouldn’t take too long.

Black City should feature a marketplace if you have enough people there. These items are hard to find in the game, and the collection varies through the kinds of Trainers occupying Black City. They are usually priced very high, but can be worth it if there’s absolutely nothing left of that item in your game, like a certain evolution stone. To make the cost easier to reach, a man located in the back will tell you how many Trainers you have defeated. Every ten you defeat, he will award you with 10,000 Poke Dollars.

That’s the basics; now let’s talk about White Forest. White Forest is a place with only patches of grass. By inviting people from Black City through the Entralink, you can have more people occupy your forest and increase the kinds of Pokemon living there. Each time you step in the grass, you will immediately find a wild Pokemon. It’s always at level 5, so using an Ultra Ball is sufficient. To keep Trainers in White Forest, you need to talk to them, which is a much easier task than battling them. Their mood on staying here changes as you continue to talk to them. As time passes by without talking to them, they will start to want to go back, and if you ignore them, then they will.

Their Pokemon in Black City (the one-on-one battle) will feature the lowest form of that Pokemon in White Forest, but scattered about. It’s a good idea to talk to them occasionally. This applies to Black City also, but battling them instead. Try not to change the clock constantly, as people may leave your towns in an erratic manner. Remember to make the most of your Entralink as well, and get people from various players’ towns in order to increase the variety of Pokemon or items you can find.


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