Pokemon Black & White

By Amanda

Pokemon Black and White is one of  the best game ever, where everything is new!  Though catching and raising pokemon is the same, theirs new ways to catch them, and the story is much bigger then before.  Now getting badges is not the only thing important to do, but also to stop Team Plasma who wants to free all pokemon from Trainers.

New ways to find pokemon are when in the grass, sometimes one will shake, and if you go into it, you will find rare pokemon!  When on water, you may see a bubble, and when you swim to it, you will also see rare pokemon, and if your in a cave, you may see a dust ball, and not only could you find pokemon, but you may also find items as well.  When on a bridge, you will occasionally see a shadow, and not only will you find pokemon going under it, but you could also find item wings that can raise your stats Evs a little.  And now theres another type of grass you can go in, if its darker, you will sometimes battle two wild pokemon at a time, but be careful that you wont be able to catch  two pokemon at a time, so you will have to defeat one to catch one.

Battling is also more fun then before, the pokemon moves all the time, and now you can battle three on three, have rotation battles, where you can rotate your character around, but out of your three pokemon, you can only battle with one at a time.  There’s new moves where if you use them in a certain order, can change the field you your advantage!  The towns, and people are more lively then ever, the cities and towns are more 3D then ever, and you can communicate with some people without talking to them!

Throughout the story of the game, you will only encounter new pokemon, but after betting the game, then you can send over the other four generations.  And now a new way to get pokemon is going to the dream world, here the pokemon you get will have a new abilities that they wouldn’t have any other way.  You can communicate with other players now it the C gear, where if on, will hook up to other players near you, and then you could trade, and battle!  And now, every month, your game will change to a new season, from spring, summer, fall, then winter.  And each season you can find new pokemon, and two will change their form.  And when it’s winter, you will be able to access new areas, and more places to explore!  With so much to see, places to explore, and new characters to catch, pokemon Black and White are two games you cant miss!

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