Pokemon Chimchar

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Fire type Pokemon are among the most powerful. Their attacks can inflict their enemy with burn, it is like the poison status effect but it only lowers a bit of health but also lowers your attack. Being burned isn’t the funnest thing in battling. Not unless you’re the one with the fire type Pokemon that inflicted them with the burn. There is also a fire, water, and grass type Pokemon given as a starter. There is also a professor in a certain town that gives them to new trainers. Professor Oak of the Kanto region, he studies the relationships between people and Pokemon, and he gives trainers the fire type Pokemon Charmander, the water type Pokemon Squirtle, and the grass type Pokemon Bulbasaur. In the Johto region, Professor Elm, who studies Pokemon breeding patterns and what not, gives trainers the water type Pokemon Totodile, the fire type Pokemon Cyndaquil, or the grass type Pokemon Chikorita.

In the Hoenn region trainers can get their star from Professor Birch, who studies Pokemon habitats and environments, he gives out the fire type Pokemon Torchic, the water type Pokemon Mudkip, or the grass type Pokemon Treecko. And there is Professor Rowan who studies Pokemon evolution, he gives the water type Pokemon Piplup, the fire type Pokemon Chimchar, or the grass type Pokemon Turtwig.

Let’s go to the Sinnoh region, and let’s get a Chimchar. Chimchar is orange, and looks sort of like a monkey. He has a lot of fire power, but there is a small downside to it. The first gym will be kind of tough. The first gym is a rock type gym. The Pokemon will be defensive and the attacks will be brutal. So beware, it can be tough and you might have some trouble. Rock type attacks are very strong against a fire type Pokemon like Chimchar.

In the television series, Ash has a Chimchar, it was originally Paul’s but was released, and Ash captured it for his team. Anyway, Chimchar evolves into a Monferno. This is when Monferno is a fire and fighting type Pokemon. It is powerful, sort of like how Torchic evolves into Combusken, he is also a fire and fighting type Pokemon. Anyway Monferno will evolve. Like most starters, it will be around level thirty five. Monferno will evolve into Infernape. Infernape is very powerful and can learn moves like Flare Blitz and Close Combat. After you beat the league there is a man in the Survival Area that can teach Infernape the powerful fire type attack, Blast Burn. It is very powerful and you have to recharge afterwards. Will you choose Chimchar as your starter in the Sinnoh region?

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