Pokemon Cyndaquil

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All regions must have starter Pokemon, otherwise it would be extremely hard to get a first Pokemon for the new trainers. In the Johto region trainers can get their starters from the Pokemon Professor, Elm. Professor Elm will, much like the other regions, give the new trainers a Pokemon at level five. They can choose a fire type Pokemon, a grass type Pokemon, or a water type Pokemon.

Trainers can only choose one of these to be their first and starter Pokemon. Professor Elm will give a trainer the water type Pokemon Totodile, the grass type Pokemon Chikorita, or the fire type Pokemon Cyndaquil. You choose the fire type Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil can get some attacks at low levels that can help you out, such as Tackle, Ember, and Smokescreen. Tackle is a generic normal type attack. Ember is a weak fire type attack that actually is powerful against low level Pokemon. And Smokescreen is an attack that lower’s the opponents accuracy.

Accuracy, as a term for battle, is the chance of an attack actually hitting the opponent’s Pokemon. If the accuracy is lowered there is a chance of the attack missing, and the Pokemon with the lowered accuracy basically wasn’t able to do anything that turn. Everything is pretty easygoing with Cyndaquil. The biggest problem that you will encounter on the start of your journey is probably the first gym. Don’t be alarmed, the second gym has bug type Pokemon, which Cyndaquil can defeat easily. Anyway the first gym is using Flying type Pokemon.

What’s the problem, I though fire wasn’t weak against the flying type Pokemon? Well, your right. The only problem is that the leader, Falkner taught his Pokemon the ground type attack Mud-Slap. Ground type attacks have a type advantage for fire type Pokemon. So this could easily defeat your Cyndaquil if you have absolutely no strategy. Strategy in terms of battle is your plan for taking down the opponent’s Pokemon. Later on, your Cyndaquil will evolve into Quilava. Quilava is a nice fire type Pokemon, it learns the move Flame Wheel, which easily is more powerful then the previously stated Ember attack. Quilava does evolve also, around level thrity five.

He evolves into the mighty Typhlosion. Typhlosion is the final evolved form of Cyndaquil. He can later learn the powerful fire type attack Blast Burn if you find the correct Move Tutor. Will you choose Cyndaquil as your starter Pokemon in the Johto region?

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