Pokemon Collection (Part 1) – Plush

By Brandon Yeo

Plush collecting has been a hobby of mine since I was about 5. Of course my plush collection consists of mostly Pokemon plush. Unlike many who buy plush and display them on shelves, I do have them on my bed and they definitely help in helping my drift off to my dreams.

Why do I like collecting plush? It’s mainly because they’re so huggable which is in clear contrast to figures which I collect as well but it has only been a recent hobby less than a year old. As I’ve stated earlier, a large proportion of my plush collection is Pokemon and they occupy a space on my bed. As this is so, to make sure that I do actually have room for sleeping, I choose very carefully. My two or three main Pokemon collection is Minun, Plusle and Oshawott. Initially it was just Minun, but since Plusle always came with it and they look weird alone, just as they appear as a pair in both movies and anime, I had to collect them both. But surely buying the duo costs twice as much but I reckon it’s worth it given their cuddly natures. I currently have a custom made Minun plush which is around a 1:1 size.

What I love about custom plushies is that you’re not limited to the typical plush poses of the plush companies, so creativity shows its superiority here. I also possess the two pokedolls, 3 of each Hasbro/Tomy laying plush and a Plusle canvas plush. You might be asking, why do I have 3 of the same plush. It’s a long story really. The first Pokemon plush I ever bought was a Tomy laying Minun plush at Narita Airport on my first trip to Japan.

After a great 5-6 years of constant pampering, it has indeed became worn out and has tears in some areas that had to be stitched back. So I thought I should get a new one just in case this one tears apart. So I hopped off to eBay and bought a set of the Hasbro ones. At that point of time I had no clue mine was actually a Tomy plush as I had neither hang or tush tag left. It so happened, Tomy and Hasbro made almost similar looking plush with the only variance, its hand size. So when I realized this, I resorted to Yahoo!Japan and there you have 3 sets of the “same” plush.

For my Mijumaru/Oshawott collection, I have the 1:1 Oshawott, MPC plush, Jakks Minun plush as well as the Tomy plush. Most of these came from my trip to Japan last year as B&W was lauched. If you have read my other write-ups as well, then you would find out how my love for Mijumaru came to be.

Well I believe my love for Plush collecting will never be extinguished although they leave me with not much plush to sleep. Honestly, it is a joy, especially when hunting down a rare plush and you finally find it arrive at your doorstep. Such a feeling is indeed priceless and valuable. But as I choose my plush, I do indeed believe at love at first sight, if it doesn’t appeal to me in the first look, I wouldn’t consider it. Well that’s all from me, I hope you had enjoyed my sharing of my Pokemon Collection.

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