Pokemon Department Stores

By Anonymous

Anyone who ever started a journey in any of the Pokemon regions should know what a Pokemart is. A Pokemart is a store to buy Pokemon goods. This could range from a Pokeball, tools used to capture Pokemon. To a potion, and item that can heal a Pokemon. The more you advance, the higher quality the goods. For example, in Johto, you could get a Super Potion in Ecruteak City’s Pokemart. But a regular Potion in Cherrygrove City’s Pokemart. Each region also has a huge department store consisting of about three to five different floors. The first floor is a desk where you can enter a lottery, this lottery checks the Pokemon in your party’s ID numbers and if you have a few matching numbers that it says on the lottery ticket, you win a prize.

The other floors consist of potions, super potions, max potion, full restores, etc. While others have Pokeballs, Great Balls, Ultra Balls, Heal Balls, Net Balls, just about any ball except for Master Balls. You can also buy mail to put on your Pokemon where you can write a few messages. The reason for this is, if you trade the Pokemon holding the mail the person you traded it to could read it. There are several designs for the mail’s stationary which allows it to vary, that makes it fun. The designs range from type themed, as in water type only, it would probably be blue with some Pokemon on them. There could also be Pokeball designs which could have some different Pokeballs on them. There are also designs that are starter themed.

For example, I buy a starter theme mail in the Hoenn region, it will probably have Torchic, Mudkip, and Treecko on it, seeing that they are the Hoenn starters. On other floors they have Pokedolls you can buy for your Secret Base, and decorations and what not. I think those floors are strictly only in the Hoenn region as of now. The top floor usually has vending machines where you can buy drinks for your Pokemon. Lemonade, Fresh Water, and I think MooMoo Milk, which is Miltank Milk. The vending machine drinks are much like potions. The department stores are definitely an important part in a trainer’s journey.

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