Pokemon Dream World – Berry Currency

By Matt

The Dream World, unlike any of the Pokemon games, features Berries as a form of currency instead of Poke Dollars. These Berries are used for various purposes, like trading for furniture. To get Berries, however, takes longer than expected. If you go left from your house in the Dream World, you can find the Berry Garden, where you can plant Berries. Depending on the kind of Berry you have, it will take either one day or a few days.

One of the trends is that Berries which fix status problems grow much faster than those that weaken damage from super effective attacks. On the top left corner of the screen, there is a symbol of a watering can. If your plants are dry, just click on them, and if they are in need of water, you can water them. When visiting other people’s houses, you can water their plants too and earn Dream Points in the process.

The other way of getting Berries is by going to the Dream Bridge and finding them manually. Now that the basics of obtaining Berries are covered, let’s discuss what they can be used for. Like I mentioned earlier, Berries are usually traded for furniture. This is used to decorate the several walls of your room. The kind of furniture depends on how much Berries are needed. For example, a Tiny Table costs around 8 Oran Berries (which are very common). Better features, like the ability to change your house layout, cost hundreds of Berries, but can be reached in no time if the Dream World is visited every day.

If you need another kind of Berry, you can put it on the Share Shelf, located to the right of your house. Since anyone can come to your house, you don’t know what kind of Berry you get until a notification comes up (the next time you visit). If you don’t really need your Berries, another alternative is to send them back to your game via the Entralink. When you open up the Treasure Chest in your house, you can select how many Berries you want to transfer. It’s recommended to keep at least one of each Berry in your Treasure Chest, because you don’t know when you’ll ever come across that Berry again, and besides, you can multiply it by planting it in your garden. If you’re confused, just keep the Berries in your Treasure Chest until you make up a plan. You may need to use them, since on the Dream Islands, the game where you need to scoop ice cream requires one Berry. (The kind of Berry also changes the kinds of available ice cream.)

The trend this time is that the Berries that weaken super effective attacks provide ice cream that is easier to use in order to clear the game, and the ones that cure status conditions provide less desirable combinations. Anyway, as you unlock more places to go on the Dream Bridge, you can gain more access to Berries, including one that takes out EVs, allowing you to fix any mistakes in your EV trained Pokemon. Berries are more than just a battle strategy, they provide life in the Dream World.

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