The Amazing Evolutions Of Eevee Part 1

By Jo

I remember when growing up, I had two favorite Pokemon out of the very first generation. One was Eevee. At the time, Eevee could evolve into three different Pokemon, which was kind of amazing back then, considering. It was unique and tiny and obnoxiously adorable. Not to mention, its evolutions weren’t too shabby either. Now that I’m older, though, I understand how valuable those evolutions really are.

First there’s Vaporeon. It’s strong, elegant, and has an incredible design. Not to mention, it has the highest HP base stats out of all of the Pokemon Eeveelutions, which would mean that it automatically has the highest max base stat out of Eevee’s seven evolutions as well. Eevee is able to evolve into Vaporeon when it’s exposed to the Water Stone. According to its pokedex entries, Vaporeon live close to water and can actually alter its molecular structure so that it is able to “melt” itself into water and become invisible. Vaporeon are often mistaken as mermaids as their tails and soft, rubbery skin are very similar to the lovely myths. Its name comes from the word ‘vapor’, which is when water is in its gaseous form, and ends with the Eeveelution suffix, ‘eon’ (short for ‘evolution’).

Next there’s Jolteon. Eevee will evolve into a Jolteon if it is exposed to the Thunderstone. Its design is full of rough and pointy edges and it is very easily angered. Jolteon is the smallest of all the Eeveelutions, as it is the lightest and is tied with Glaceon as being the shortest. Its fur protrudes outward at all sorts of angles into sharp points. If startled or angered, those needle-like hairs can be shot at its opponents. According to its pokedex entries, Jolteon’s body absorbs negative ions in the atmosphere to blast out 10,000-volt lightning bolts. Every time its mood changes it charges energy. The negatively charged ions in its fur are constantly making crackling noises, and that fur stands on end when it begins charging its body with electricity. Jolteon’s name comes from the word ‘jolt’ and ends in the Eeveelution suffix, ‘eon’.

Finally, there’s Flareon, the Flame Pokemon. Eevee is able to evolve into a Flareon when exposed to a Fire Stone. Out of all the Eeveelutions, Flareon shows the most resemblance to its pre-evolution. According to its pokédex entries, Flareon has a flame chamber inside its body. When it exhales it can blow out fire that is over 3,000F degrees. It fluffs out its neck ruff to cool down its body temperature, which can reach up to 1,650 degrees. The purpose of its neck fur is to release heat into the air so that its body does not become extensively hot. Flareon’s name comes from the word ‘flare’ and has the same suffix that all other Eeveelutions have, ‘eon’ as Eevee is the Evolution Pokemon.

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