The Amazing Evolutions Of Eevee Part 2

By Jo

Growing up, I was fascinated by the Eevee. The tiny little bundle of determination could really pack some power away and had the most variety of evolutions. And as time passed, there just became more and more evolutions.

When the second generation of Pokemon came out, so did two more Eeveelutions. Espeon was one of them. Espeon has very feline features, from slim legs and tiny paws to a slender, forked tail. The scarlet gem on its forehead it meant to symbolize its abilities, though it often leads to Espeon being mistaken for being related to Persian. Espeon is the only Pokemon Eeveelution not to have a type advantage against another. According to its pokedex entries, Espeon can read the currents in the air and predict its enemy’s actions. During this time, its forked tail quivers. It can also read the air currents to predict the weather. Apparently, Espeon is extremely loyal to any trainer it deems worthy and has a great deal of love and trust for them as well. It is said to have developed psychic powers in order to protect its trainer from harm. Espeon’s name comes from ESP, or extra-sensory perception, which is a branch of psychic abilities. Like all the other Eeveelutions, its name ends in the suffix ‘eon’ (which is short for “evolution”) Eevee is able to evolve into Espeon when it reaches a certain amount of happiness during the day.

Another Eeveelution was released in the same generation; Umbreon. Umbreon also holds some cat-like features that include its slender limbs and almond-shaped eyes. Umbreon’s body is slim and black for the most part, though it does have yellow rings above its knees, on its forehead, and wrapping around its ears and tail. Those rings apparently glow at night or when it stalks prey and blink on and off during the day. According to its pokedex entries, Umbreon will spray a poisonous sweat from its pores when it becomes agitated. It apparently evolved as a result to the moon’s energy waves. As a result, it becomes anxious during the nights of the full moon and its rings glow. It lurks in darkness and stalks its prey silently, waiting for the right time to strike. Umbreon is tied with Leafeon and Vaporeon for the tallest Eevee evolution. Umbreon was the first pure dark-type Pokemon until Generation III. Up until then, it was also the only pure dark-type. Umbreon is the only non-psychic type to have the ability Synchronize. It also has the highest Special Defense out of all dark-types. Umbreon is the only Eeveelution with an immunity. It is not affected in any way by psychic attacks. Umbreon is most-likely based off from a black cat or black fox. Umbreon’s name comes from the word ‘umbra’ which is Latin for shadow or ghost. Like any other Eevee evolution, Umbreon’s name ends in the suffix ‘eon’.

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