Pokemon Episode summary : The Ghost Of Maiden Peak Part 1

By TokoyamiTheDark

The episode begins during nighttime, showing a statue of a woman. Then, a ghost with a striking resemblance to the woman emerges, moaning that she’s waiting for someone. However, the calm voice becomes creepier, and the ghost woman becomes a Gastly! Ash, Misty and Brock arrives at their destination, where once every year they celebrate the end of summer in a festival. Brock is a little sad, because it is also the end of the swimsuit season, meaning he’ll have to wait until next year.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket are attached to the boat in a barrel, looking for trouble, as usual. When Ash and co. gets out of the boat, Brock sees a beautiful, purple haired girl. As he gazes upon her sad eyes, Brock get stomped flat by a crowd in a hurry. When he looks back, the girl is gone! Team Rocket is looking for cash on the loose, and finally finds a shiny penny, but Officier Jenny comes in and tells all money found is to be donated, even if it is a penny. James then sees the same girl than Brock, but Jessie smacks him for saying the girl was beautiful. He looks back, only to find that she’s gone.

Back to Ash, an old woman appears, warning Ash and co. of a very beautiful girl that will curses them. Misty brags that the old hag must be talking about her, but the granny says she’s talking about a beauty, not a rotten brat like Misty. Ash laughs, but Misty smacks him hard and drag him out. Team Rocket encounter the same old woman, same warnings. The scene skips to everyone sitting in front of a shrine, with an old man telling he’s going to reveal something that can be revealed only once every year. He takes the blanket, and the ‘thing’ was a painting ; a painting of the woman Brock and James saw before !!! As they approaches the painting, the old man tells them that the woman supposedly lived over 2 000 years ago, and her legend has been passed on from past to present ; long, long ago there was a fierce war in Kanto, and all men from the country were gone to fight. A woman had a Viking husband, which, however, was gone to the war.

The woman said that she’ll wait for his return, and waited for a long time… but the Viking warrior she loved never came back. She was cursed and turned to stone because of this, and the myth tells her spirit still haunts the area. During sunset, Brock stares at the statue, saying he doesn’t even mind if she’s made of stone, but as long as she’s beautiful, he would date her. Jessie, James and Meowth are planning how to steal the painting at midnight and sell it to get big cash. So Team Rockets takes out sleeping bags, hang them on a tree and goes to sleep until their portable clock will beeps. Then, it would be time to steal the painting. As for Brock, he is still sitting behind the statue, looking at it. Ash tells him they’re going to the Pokemon Center and tells Brock to come, but he replies that he’ll join them soon.

So Ash and Misty enters the Pokemon Center to sleep, but, during late night, they notice that it is almost midnight, and Brock hasn’t come back. Nurse Joy then closes the Pokemon Center, leaving Brock outside! But something unexpected is gonna happen…soon…The old hag’s warnings will turn out to be true…


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